Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kick Me While I'm Down

I just walked out of my front door to get into my car and SNAP! I notice, some motherfucker had stolen the bike rack off of my car. My favorite thing about my car...gone. Some fucking want to be cyclist hipster I bet who most likely rides his bike a total of 5 miles a week during his base period. FUCK!!! The worst part about it is I saw some motherfucker who fit the above mentioned profile driving down my street yesterday. I could tell something was fishy because no one just drives down my street. Oh and this Fred had a lowered honda civic with a bike rack with only 1 wheel holder and no trays. Looks as though he was in need and I was nice enough to fulfill these needs. As if my week hasn't been tough enough. Shit.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The big 100

Bike shmike, write left. What the fuck does that even mean... I bike and I suck at it, I write and I suck at it. Oh well, i'll just keep fooling the slow ones.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Member to the Family

Yep another steed in the stable! I finally bought a mt. bike and its sick! No name yet and as always it won't be forced. I am having a hard time starting base. I feel like time on the bike is time away prepping for my new job. I did get a 3.5 hour ride in yesterday which consissted of G.M.R.! The time change has left me waking up hella early so I am feeling like if I can get my rides in early enough I will be left time to knock out my work. Well see!

ps. pics of the new bike to come!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sporadic idle hands

Yeah yeah yeah I already know what you are going to say "I haven't been writing much". Well I would love to tell you "that's all going to change, and I promise to write everyday" but lets face the facts here, I won't.

Moving on.... the 2010 off season is coming to a close. It's been pretty chill to be honest, and has been characterized by not having a sip of beer or booze for a month due to friendly competition, lifting weights religiously, a few really fun Mt. bike rides, a new member in our family (hi Miles!), working a ton, a Cat 3 upgrade, tearing down Lucy, building up Ellenor, getting a new job, and just plain kicking it. Don't worry I have gotten my sleep and rest and have barely been riding my bike which leads to excitement about riding again.
I will start my base period Nov. 1, and will start it with vigor! I am lighter than I have been all race season which is a great start. I feel lean and in shape and am looking forward to being busy. Between my new job and doing base my free time will be little and I am excited about that. My enemy of late has been idle hands. I'll try and keep you posted but as I stated earlier I am making no promises.

Monday, August 23, 2010

races and races

While I have not been writing I have indeed been riding. I have been logging a lot and I mean a lot of miles. Most of these miles consist of climbing seeing its the only way I can motivate myself to get in anything longer than a 2 hour ride. My friend Ben came down from Sac. a few weeks ago and we squeezed in two 5 hour days and a few 3+ too boot. It was the kick in the ass I needed and it got me excited to race again seeing that my form was slowly returning.

So I raced. I raced an Ontario and two Dominquez Hills strictly for training purposes
. In these races I went right to front and drilled it as much as I could. I got in each and every break and initiated a few as well. I than went to Brentwood two weeks ago which was to be the first race I was planning on siting in and trying to win. The night before I was at work until midnight and my start time was 7:45. I dragged my ass out of bed super duper tired and made it to the race with plenty of time to warm up and grab a cup of Peet's coffee (my fav). It was a 8 turn technical course which suited me well. I stayed at the front 10 all race until the last lap I got shuffled to about 20th from a surge that came up the left side. The last straight in to the final turns I hit it full gas nuzzling myself into about 10th wheel before the crazy 3 turn snake that led into the 500 meter straight to the finish. Out of the turns I sat patiently and than gave it everything I had. My sprint was great and the guys in front of me seemed to be going backwards as I passed 6 of them before hitting the line finishing 4th! I was super happy with this result. My next race started in 45 min. and it took me about that much time to not feel like I was going to puke so I decided to skip it, take my check, and go home to rest before work.

The next week I had a pretty bad chest cold and another late night at work on Sat. and overslept through my alarm which was set at 4:30 am. Life is life and I didn't beat myself up about it seeing that I wasn't feeling tip top. The following week (aug 22) was Ontario which I was really gunning for it being my home town race and all. The problem was that before this race I had worked 10 days straight with no day off and my legs were tired from some long doubles of being on my feet for 9 hours at a time. My first race was a bust due to no one wanting to pull. The pace slowed so I went to the front and didn't exactly hammer it but burnt too many matches. Whatever... pack finish. Didn't even feel like doing the next race but figured fuck it I'm there so I did. Sat in the back the whole time conserving and my plan was to move up with 3 to go. With 4 to go got caught behind a crash and had to dig deep to get back onto the pack (thats what I get for sitting on the back). I spent 3 to go recovering from the tough effort and decided I would move to the front with 2 to go. Saw my friend Derick move up and shortly made the move myself. I flew from DFL right to the front where I sat for just a second and than Derick let me into the pace line. I sat second wheel for a bit of the bell lap and than somehow had the benefit of slipping back to 5th sitting right on Derick's wheel which is exactly where I wanted to be. With 2 turns left the guys hit the gas hard even gaping me out a bit. I had to stand to close the small gap to Derick's wheel. We made a left and instead of cruising to the outside after the turn to set up for the final turn which we had done every lap the puller decided to drive it to the inside curb. This took me by surprise as I anticipated the former so I slowly drifted to the outside and the peloton slid over to the inside totally leaving me outside the draft. Did I mention we are absolutely hammering it here seeing that there is about 600 meters to the finish. So I put my head down and went as hard as I could alongside of the leaders but watched 20 guys go right by me into the turn. I knew I was cooked but wanted to finish strong so I gave it everything to hold on to a sad 24th. Insult to injury Derick won! Which is great for him but I had his wheel which proves I had the perfect position and I blew it coming out of turn 6. Shit. Oh well what are you going to do. That is racing. I was much happier with this performance than the first race and its always nice to be up in the front at the end (which I was at both races). I hauled ass to work and put in a short tired shift and looked forward to my first day off in a long stretch of 11 straight at work. Next week is the final race in Southern California which is in Costa Mesa. I have an early start time of 7:35, but don't think I will be at work too late the night before. After this I have one more race which is a 3 day omnium in Folsom on Sept 10-12 than off season, which kinda sucks seeing that I missed so much of the season this year. I'm sure I will keep busy riding and playing tennis or something.

Friday, July 23, 2010


So I am back. Back on the race bike which means back to writing about it. My legs have healed which have healed my head. I am excited to ride again because I can ride fast. Its so nice to be able to mount my bike knowing that I good put in a good honest ride and recover the next day to do the same. I have been riding seriously for about 3 weeks now. I started with an easy transition week and than followed it with some faster group rides with intervals thrown in there. I raced last Sunday and treated as a training day. I did a lot of work in the group and easily came in with the field at the finish which made me really happy and boosted my confidence. About 3 more races left of the season and I can't wait to mix it up in the later ones because I think I can pull off a few podiums. Anyhow I will try to continue to write about training and racing to the finale of the season!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ontario 2

Today was a lonely day as I rolled up to the line alone. It felt like last year, warming up alone and knowing that I would have no support and no one to support. No worries though, I knew it going into this race and wasn't planning on doing it until the last moment, the goal basically being one last tune up before my first target race that is Dana Point which is next Sunday. I had a one friend Derrick who I knew was a strong rider, one marked rider who has been on a winning streak and the rest were the usual suspects that regularly line up at the cat 4 races.

The course profile: 7 turns 1.2 mile circuit with a long 400 meter straight leading into the start finish.

I was coming off a rest week and yesterday told me that my legs were refreshed and ready to go. I took off from the gun and pulled for ¾ of the first lap (my signature move remember). Long story short I stayed in the top 7 the whole race never slipping back once and taking more than a handful of pulls leaving myself enough gas in the tank to recover well. I was reading the group perfect today answering every surge battling to hold my position at the front. Derrick and I didn’t work together but were constantly in contact with one another helping each other out by letting one another into the draft as needed.

Laps cards came out reading 4 to go and I was sitting 4th wheel. I was in good position but didn’t want to get any further to the front so as each rider finished their pull I would let a small gap open so they would fill it keeping me in the front without having to take a pull. The last 4 laps were fast and strung out as a few teams seemed to try to organize the group and keep it fast, which worked perfect for me. With one to go I was feeling great and was letting the guys keep it nice and single file. My plan was to go early as I am a decent sprinter, but feel I have a better constant motor that is more effective than trying to come around other riders. Out of the last chicane I jumped out to the far left from about 4th wheel. I put my head down and gave everything knowing that the next 350 meters where going to be the longest I have encountered in awhile. I knew I created a descent gap only to be answered by a small select group of riders. As I got out of the saddle and was winding out my sprint about 75 meters from the finish I was passed on my right by the rider I marked as my biggest competitor. I attempted to grab his wheel but he had such a strong kick I couldn’t close the gap. I than was passed by another rider, and than one more nabbed me at the line leaving me to finish 4th.