Monday, June 30, 2008


So back to training...

This morning I time trialed Glendora Mountain Road. For those not familiar with the ride it is a 8.1 mile climb with an average grade of a little over 6%. My personal best and therefore the time to beat was 42:50. I am proud to say I demolished it this morning posting a time of 39:40!! Happy to be back to training. Enough tapering for some f'n crit!! Tomorrow I am TT'n Bonelli a 7 mile rolling loop. The time to beat there is 18:30. I let you know how it goes!!

Oh and congrats to Chester for finishing 4th at Manhattan. I race with him often, he is a strong rider and a nice guy so its nice to see him finishing well.


Manhattan Biatchhhh

So yesterday I was in Manhattan Beach for the grand prix racing with the Cat 4's. Before our 7am race time (such bullshit to make us start that early) I overslept due to my cell phone being set on vibrate and therefore not hearing the alarm sound for me to get up to prep for the race. To make a long and shitty story short, basically I showed up to the race with very very little warm up time, frazzled and not focused from the hustling of getting ready which led to the legs feeling heavy and unprepared. During the race I really just couldn't concentrate. I couldn't relax and at the same time didn't have the desire to fight for position and set pace and all the necessary elements needed for this rough grand prix (especially with a field of 120 riders). So about 5 laps into the race I came to the realization that this just wasn't my day, so instead of killing myself for some shitty finish, or getting killed from a crash I pulled out of the race.

I cruised back to my hotel room disillusioned at my decision to quit. Simply put I felt like shit about the whole situation. But I have to live with that and try and take something away from it. So here is what I came up with.

1. don't mix business with pleasure. It was my birthday weekend and Kristine and I had went out to Manhattan Beach to celebrate and to be close to the race. It should have been either or and I would have much rather just celebrated my birthday and skipped the race. This brings us to...

2. Skip a race every now and then (even if it is a NRC) I am getting burnt out not having a weekend off of racing for 5 weeks now. The packing up the bike, the trainer, the wheels, nutrition, etc... and trying to eat perfect, rest well and all gets old. Especially when it cuts into time with real life.

3. Relax. It's only racing (wow did I just say that) But its true its just riding a bike.

So what on my agenda... well due to this weekend I decided to take some time away from racing and bring focus back to training. With only a hand full of races left I would like to end the season strong and not burnt out. So my next race will be Ontario #4 on July 20th. It's time to get the monkey off my back of not having a win under my belt and this is the perfect course for that. Home town advantage!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

31 and Loving Life

So today I turned 31 years old. The calmness I inherit with each passing year is welcomed with open arms, and I can truly say that it feels good to be in my 30's. Now bikes... I am racing this Sunday @ Manhattan Beach Grand Prix and am looking forward to it. The climb before the first chicane always makes for an interesting race...especially when your in front and everyone else is pulling their break levers. I am hoping for good results, at the begging of the season I created 3 racing goals and the 2nd was top 5 at Manhattan Beach. I have trained hard and have said no to late night snacks for some time now, with a little luck on my side (last year I got caught behind a crash on the last lap) and some good tactics I feel confident and am even willing to up the ante from top 5 to podium!! See you guys out there.