Monday, December 29, 2008

flats and flats

I am just about out the door after spending the normal 15 minutes of putting on chamois butter, filling my pockets with nutrition and spare tubes, pulling on the bibs and all the other normal shit that goes along with getting ready for a ride, when I noticed that I had a flat on the rear wheel! FUCK!! So I patch it and roll out. 6 miles later I realize the rear tire is low. O My God! I must have botched the patch job. Anyways...

Fixed the flat and did two laps up San Dimas Canyon, which for those who don't know is a nice long uphill grade that finishes with a short 3 minute 8 percent climb. Overall I put 2 hours in. That's it for today.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Past Two!

So this week i was lucky enough to have my best friend John come down to visit from Sacramento. I was also lucky enough to have him bring his bike. Like I have posted in the past I have been logging a lot of solo base miles. So it was great to have my best friend and teammate out for a couple awesome rides. Since John rarely gets a chance to partake in any long climbs we set out for Glendora Mountain Rd. (GMR) on Christmas eve. We had a great ride although the weather was gray and cold. At the top of GMR there were still some patches of snow scattered throughout the hills.

Due to xmas we didn't get another chance to ride until today. So looking to log some nice long miles we took hwy 39 to East Fork Rd. and up the back side of GMR. It's my favorite ride right now and to be coupled with my best friend made it that much better. So overall we logged 3:38 most of which was climbing.

Now John is gone and its back to the solo training. Thank God I am almost done with base miles and going to start intesity. No more long cold mornings talking to myself. Just shorter rides that are going to make me puke.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rain Rain go away!

As much as I love the rain (makes me think of Portland) I am in need of logging some long hours on the bike. Yeah, I used to ride in the rain all the time when I lived in Oregon, but I no longer live in Oregon so it's hard to muster up the energy to get out and get soaked and freeze when tomorrow is likely to be sunny and in the high 50's at least. So alas another day on the f'n trainer.

I can say this... I am NOT suffering from burnout!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


So I went on what I would thought would be yet another solo ride (mainly because of my schedule not because no one likes me). I was riding on Baseline rd. in La Verne when lo and behold I saw the Montrose Ride heading up San Dimas ave. So of course I jumped into the ride which was moving pretty good. To my surprise I felt pretty strong. Knowing that I only had about 25 minutes to ride with the group I decided to bury my self. So during a 3 minute sustained uphill grade I pushed to get the the front and set a tempo of 18-19 mph. I than sat up and filed back in to the peleton for the flats. Than during the next climb I big ringed it and ended up being 3rd up the climb. After that I just rolled with them for a few more miles and than peeled off to head back home. It was fun and exciting to be in a big pack again. I felt like it had been forever. It left me wanting more and I feel even more eager for the new season to begin.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trainer madness

So due to a crazy holiday work schedule I'm really taking it easy this week. So today I road 50 minutes on the trainer. This week was to be my Base 2 week 3 but due to the lack of hours I am going to get in I will pick up next week and basically start at Base 2 week 3 which will have 19.5 hours of riding planned. A little set back but not really a big deal as long as I am riding almost everyday this week.

Good news is I hit a cadence of 189 today on the trainer and held it for 20 seconds, than maintained a 170 for one minute. My pedal stroke really came together last season, and seems to be still improving!

I think that is all for today gotta head to work!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its been awhile

Wow, I haven't looked at this blog nor even thought about it in quite some time. Well I'm back. A lot of things have changed in my life since my last entries but there is one constant. Racing my Bike. I am in my 7th week of training during the off season which is Base 2 in the periodization method of training I abide by. Due to starting a little late this season I will mix a Base 3 and Build 1 period intertwining the both endurance rides and development of power and the raising of Lactate Threshold through intensity.

I was off to an excellent start for Base 1 but find it difficult to log the miles needed for Base 2 with the rain, along with a crazy work schedule due to the holiday season. But that shit happens every year and I find a way to train and if not I try to not stress about it since its out of my hands. The thing for this season is train hard but have MORE fun than last season. No more stressing about stupid stuff, I want to enjoy the sport and my commitment to training. Don't get me wrong I am going to win races this season and I plan on winning a lot of them. What I mean is not getting pissed if someone crashes in front of me, or if something out of my control happens before or during a race. I want to take the big picture of cycling less serious and take the individual aspects of it i.e. training and focusing on goals and winning races to the next level.

So with that said here are my short term goals for the beginning of the season:

2. WIN the Crit at SDSR
3. A sub 17 minute time trail at SDSR
4. Finish in the top 20 at SDSR

So there you have it. You can see what race i am focused on. It's my home town race and my favorite as well. I will be racing Boulevard, Red Trolley, Roger Millikan Memorial Crit, and Ontario Dare to Race, as training races to prepare for SDSR.

So I said it before and Ill say it again IM BACK. I will do my best to update a training log and thoughts about cycling and other ongoing events of my life.


Ride Lots!!