Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The rub on the hub

Just overhauled my rear hub and Lucy is once again silent! Thank God, there are few things worse than listening to a creak the whole fucking time you are pedaling your ass up GMR. Especially when it only occurs in the gears that you need to get up that bitch.

Another short note: I scheduled today as an off day and the sun was out and it was actually pretty warm. Looked up the weather for tomorrow fucking cloudy and dreary. Oh boy, and I have a 4.5 hour ride planned. What a F'n surprise! SHIT.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

yes another disaster!

So almost home from a 2+ hour ride going up a short steep climb when all of a sudden CLUNK dropped chain I think?... Than the wheel locks up and I jump off my bike before falling over to see my rear derailleur up in my spokes looking like it just exploded. So $330 later and awaiting a new derailleur hanger from Velo Vie since I bent mine, I am left frustrated yet again. Luckily I am on my rest week and the three days I have been off the bike were probably good for me. I was able to bend the hanger back enough for it to work for now and replaced the derailluer and got it all tuned up today. But to be honest I just don't train after 11 a.m. My motivation is gone by then and I am too busy awaiting going to work in a few hours. Tomorrow I will go out for a 2 hour spin or so and await next week which will be the beggining of the dreaded Base 3 where the hours are super long and the weather usually super cold. Until then.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Legs want to go!

I have to admit I couldn't plan a better time to get sick. After a 75 miles ride last Wednesday I started to feel really tired which I assumed was the miles talking. The next day I mounted my bike for a 3 hour ride and stopped at 2 because I felt so weak and a bit spacey in the head. I decided it was time to rest. The next day the soar throat came along with some aches and pain. Along with the illness came the rain, which made me so happy because my mind was put at ease. Even if I wanted to ride I wouldn't have in the rain (it is SoCal after all therefore I don't really ride in the rain anymore). I am feeling a little better today but am going to stay off the bike. I am entering my rest week next week which again is awesome since it will allow me to continue to rest this week and go into base 3 in good health and mind.

With that said it has been the best base season I have had in years. The consistency of my training along with the great company of my new teammates/friends have made the miles pass fast with laughs and talks of plans for the upcoming season. It seems to be my mantra as of late but here it is again in case you have missed it: "Its going to be a great race season".

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Rest day! I have been excellent in carrying out the activities of the day which were to sit around with my legs up and do nothing. Next on the days to do list:

1. Lunch
2. Nap
3. Work
4. Kick it
5. Bed Time

I think I can handle it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


So if you haven't noticed it has been awhile since I have posted. The reason being plain and simple the bike... I have been logging a lot of miles and hours to boot. It has been a great base period that has been spent more rides than not in good company. I feel excited every morning to ride which is exactly the type of motivation it takes knowing there is more than likely a 3 hour ride ahead of you an quit possibly even a fiver. One more week of Base Two and than I will graduate to the granddaddy last phase of base that being of course Base Three, where there will be a few centuries thrown in the mix and the hours will reach up deep into the 20's. Other than that things off the bike are good or at least I am too busy to tell if they are bad... I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Its been awhile since I have been pumped up on the whole vegan thing. There are always seems to be sections in my life when veganism becomes this monotonous thing and I just eat. But now is the time of year when I always get excited about my diet. VEGAN THANKSGIVING is upon us. This is the time to celebrate our choice and commitment to not consuming any animal products for whatever the reason be. There is so much more to write but I just don't seem to have a knack for it right now so I will leave it for when Vegan Thanks gets closer (2 weeks from today). Oh and its totally awesome that I went on a ride with my new teammate Mike and his friend Jordan who are both vegan!! Vegan cyclists taking over the roads!! YEAH YEAH!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So since I have been riding for the past 2 weeks I notice I have been spending less "free" time (not on the bike) outdoors. I will attempt to bunk this trend and return to the great outdoors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and hopefully spark up the chimenea a few more times before it gets too cold to hang outside in the later nights.

Other than that the team is gelling really well. We have a lot of new mates and we seem to be all of the same calibur of riders and we have both climbers and sprinters. Everyone seems willing and able to work for the best riders of the day! It should be a great season and I am really looking forward to it. Therefore, if you race in Category 4 here in SoCal WATCH OUT BECHER + WILL BE GUNNING FOR YOU!!

That is all for now!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Base 1 Week 1

So the first week of base is in the books!! It feels good to have the beginning begin. Did one long 4 hour day which consisted of mainly climbing that was really tough but awesome. Other than that a 3 hour ride and a bunch of 2.5 hour rides. Got in 14.5 hours this week and a 250 miles. The bike is running great which is a relief after all the shit that went on during the build process. But she is good, better than good she is great and looking hot after her bath yesterday may I add.

Here is the thing... Once I begin to ride it takes so much time and so much energy that I tend to loose a part of myself. The part that I am during off season. Its imparative this doesn't happen this season. Of course I will write less and probably even think less about different aspects of life but as long as I can devout some time and energy to things other than heart rate, base miles, hours logged and all that shit, than I will be fine. And I will, and I will.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I should quit!

After reading the last post I realized I should never ever write another word again. But oh well, this blog is pretty much all for me, therefore I will continue. I'm tired and want to go to bed, but there is so much to write. But as I try to organize my thoughts about what to write I realize they are of the "he said, she said, I'm so alone, variety. So to that I say "I am bored with that shit. I am going to save us all from that drivel and get an extra 20 min. of sleep so that I can enjoy my ride tomorrow morning.

But there is cycling news. I name my bike today... she is and forever will be referred to as Lucy! I don't have an exact reason why but I thought she should have a nice easy no frills name, and I think its fitting. She just looks like a Lucy. I took some pictures of her today, I will post them tomorrow. Until then sweet dreams. I will leave you with a few of the lyrics from my favorite song right now which is titled Apartment Story by The National.

Be still for a second while I try and try to pin your flowers on
Can you carry my drink I have everything else
I can tie my tie all by myself
I’m getting tied, I’m forgetting why

Oh we’re so disarming darling, everything we did believe
is diving diving diving diving off the balcony
Tired and wired we ruin too easy
sleep in our clothes and wait for winter to leave...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hello again.

So its been a while since I have posted and to be honest I don't even really feel like writing now. But alas I do have bike news that I should post and than I will leave it at that. The news is she is once again running! To recap I received the wavy washer and installed it to notice that my external bearings of the bottom bracket were shot. I ordered the bearings and decided to take it to the bike shop to remove the old and place on the new (i didn't want to fuck this up). They didn't have the proper tool. So after my mechanic (brian) called Campy a few times with no luck to acquire the tool Rodney (the crew chief) and I took matters into our own hands. We built our own tool. Rodney had a automobile gear puller. We noticed the claws where to big to get in between the crank and the bearing so we grind them down with a metal grinder so they would fit. A few other modification and tada!! we pulled off the old bearings. We than used a 1" pvc pipe and gentley hammered on the new ones over the race.

Therefore, I went for a short ride today and my legs felt like shit not having been on the bike in over 2 weeks. But again I think its for the best, I will ride this up and coming week and consider it a transition week and officially start base the following week which will be the first week of NOV. Ill try and write more because there is a lot to write about I have just been a little busy working extra shifts and hanging out. Peace

Monday, October 12, 2009

Steady Diet of Nothing

I really can't remember the last time that I felt bored. I was almost getting to the point that I thought I was so mature that boredom was no longer a feeling that I could experience. I can't say that I am there yet... but to be honest I have been fighting it. The new gig brings with it much less hours at the work place. This coupled with the off season is bringing about a lot of spare time. Now don't get me wrong I am not just sitting around doing nothing. I am pretty busy for a large portion of the day, but that leaves the other portion without much to do at times. For example here in list form is what I have done with my day today (today was a day off mind you).

1. Woke up at 8:11 a.m. (to no alarm)
2. Showered & dressed
3. Immediately packed up my laundry and headed to the laundromat.
4. Arrived home and put away laundry.
5. Watched the entire LA Kings game.
6. Tinkered with my bike (installed new stem, seatpost and seat, dialing in the height and length and
torqued everything to spec.)
7. Took photos of the old seatpost and listed it on ebay.
8. Went to the gym and did 16 sets of legs, and did 6 sets of abs.
9. Went Grocery shopping.
10. Made the bombest salad I have had in a long time.
11. Began The 400 Blows.
12. Dosed off a little (10 minutes)
13. Watched 2 episodes of Jeopardy with Rodney.
14. Lit the chiminea and wrote in my blog.

The one thing that I didn't get a chance to do that I really wish I would have was play the drums. My new hobby. I set up Rod's drum set in the up stairs studio and have been playing for at least 30 min. everyday. Just didn't squeeze it in today. Whatever I am over it. I am going to finish my movie.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Wavy F'n Washer

I know, I know, I broke my promise and did not write yesterday, or was that the day before? The reasons behind are 2 fold. New chimenea, and Friends. Outdoor fires and bullshitting til the deep hours of the night lead to less rants and lame insights that get typed onto this page. I'll take it! These are hands down the best times of my life.

Cycling news... I am a piece of shit amateur bike mechanic that should never put another wrench, hex, or screwdriver on another bike for the rest of my life. Aparently during the build process of my new bike I forgot to place the "wavy washer" on the non-drive side crankarm. This washer holds the bearings in place when the BB experiences a heavy load. So I noticed yesterday during my ride after I broke my chain that the crankset was shifting side to side. Pulled it apart this morning to find the washer missing. Looked through my cycling tool box to find NO WASHER. Found one online for $5 paid $18 to have it shipped via air! I am sure there is a lesson that should be learned somewhere in this mess, such as I need to concentrate more while tasking or some bullshit like that. But I don't care for lessons right now I just want my bike to roll smooth with out any noises and clanks and to shit like butter just as she should. Just as she will.

I will try and stay positive. Maybe I was starting base too early? I was thinking yesterday before all of this happened that I should wait until Nov. to start. Than BAM! chain breaks and new info regarding my shitty build comes to light. So maybe Ill get back into the gym for the next 3 weeks and start again in Nov. I will attempt to have the same outlook on the bike as I am for my entire life which is... "it will all come together." This is not to say I will not remain pro-active, I am just trying to be calmer at let things run their course. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

night night

its 12:37 and I am exhausted. Completed a 4 hour ride today that consisted primarily of climbing. I'll write tomorrow I promise. Sweet dreams.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Slow it Down.

Slow it down appears to be a pretty common theme in my life as of late. Lets start with cycling since this whole journal is supposed to be about that very topic. Base is just about upon me and we all (cyclists that is) know what that means. A lot, I mean a lot of Slow miles. Just riding along at an aerobic rate tying to not reach anaerobic state (and I am a poet and don't even know it). Its always a nice part of the season seeing that it has been awhile since I have ridden and I am all jazzed to get back on the bike. Along with building great endurance comes the great since of accomplishment after you have just rode 80+ miles. During base you have time to notice things as your cruising up a climb or rolling around a populated section of town. Its a great time to soak up your surroundings that soon will be blurred with speed and sweat drenched eyes.

There is also the non-cycling aspect of slowing down that I am currently experiencing in life. For instance my new job requires me to work less hours. And even while I am at work I am not having to hustle around as fast due to the set up of the restaurant. Outside of work has been just that, spending time outside. I would estimate that I am logging an average of 2.5 hours a day on our porch or patio (from where I am writing this entry). I have successfully re-mastered the art of just sitting there, while it maybe having a cup of coffee, listening to music, bullshitting with friends, or all of the above at once. All of these have been enjoyed on the porch with the accompaniment of Papaya, the rustle of the leaves, and the occasional pass of the ice cream man.

The aforementioned cases of slowing down have all been greatly appreciated and excepted with open arms. And while all this slowing down shit is great there is on the other hand one case of slow that I find myself wanting to speed up ugh. To go any deeper could get dangerous (that's what she said). No but really, I will probably need a couple glasses of wine to go public with this mess or just find a more clever way to write it between the lines. I should since this is really the only on going writing I do anymore besides this thing is only public if people read it ha ha. maybe tonight. So I will leave you with the first verse of the song I am listening to at this moment of wrap up, and will hopefully write again tonight from the same position, on my perch outlooking Adams ave.

It was familiar to me.
The smoke to thick to breath.
The tile floors glistened.
I slowly stirred my drink.
And when you started to sing
you spoke with broken speech
that I could not understand.
And then you grabbed me tightly.
"I wont let go. I wont let go.
even if you say so. oh no
Ive tried and tried with no results
I wont let go I wont let go."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sleepy Time =

I don't need a laser beam
I don't need the time
Leave me in the car tonight
Rest your drunken mind

I need your grace alone

Lesser things are on your mind
Don't you think I know?
Will this poison scar my eyes?
Mother, close the door

I need your grace alone

I don't need a laser beam
I don't need a laser beam

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Resistance is Futile

"the train stops for you and so do the boys when you run your fingers through your hair. But resistance is futile, I am going to drink your blood." A cryptic yet optimistic song. One of which I relate to right now. My mind is restless as of late and I am trying desperately to gather control of it only to find it running wilder than ever! I still enjoy daydreaming like the best of them, so much so that the dreams while asleep have become almost lucid like those of the daytime type.

I find myself convinced that this chapter of my life will not end up like the previous. I say to my friends "no, no, this one is different." Its in their laughter that I catch a quick glimpse of my trends, of my repetitions, and I desperately want to break free of the cyclical past that I also find comfort in. What a fucking conundrum! So I sit here outside (see previous post) drinking my glass of wine with headphones on, daydreaming of someone that may be able to break this shitty mold that I or they created. Thinking of her. Blah Blah Blah (get it?)

Monday, September 28, 2009


Off season always seems to bring with it ceilings. Apparently i have tricked myself into believing that spending time inside is somehow how I should be relaxing during my off season. A short list of these instances are:

- Breakfast in front of the TV.
- Working out at the gym.
- Swimming in the indoor pool at the gym.
- Eating dinner in front of the TV.
- Being obsessed with Wii Tiger Woods Golf.
- Napping in my bed.

So as I write this it shall be duly noted that I am sitting on the outside porch where I have been spending the mass majority of my free time lately. I found myself feeling claustrophobic as of late being walled in and fixated on the television. The past two weeks I broke free of the chains that have kept me tethered to the indoors and decided that breakfast and coffee should be enjoyed al fresco. So shall down times of late afternoons and most importantly nights. I have set a sort of trend in the house where glasses of wine and or other beverages will be drank outside with the music blaring from open windows of the living room. Rodney has seemed to enjoy it as well and we have been conversing much more now rather than leaving it to the TV to dictate our thoughts and moods. An odd occurance of being locked out of the house today for over an hour after a ride led me with nothing to do other than nap on the lawn chair on the porch. During this 45 min. gem of a nap I didn't even listen to music as I had forgotten I had my ipod due to the soothing sounds of the winds wresting through the giant trees in front of out house.

Anyhow its time to kill the machine and grab another glass of wine. I will leave you with this quote from Anne Frank.

"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Waiting seem like the new name of the game: Waiting to finish training at my new job, Waiting on tables at my new job, waiting for her to call me, waiting for base to come, waiting to go to bed... So now I say "fuck it lets attack!" Tomorrow I'm going to do what I do best, ride my bike! And I will not wait to do so. I will wake my ass up at an early hour and hit the road. Wait... I probably shouldn't attack it though, I need to go easy, after all it is off season.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So the training hard in the off season is still in effect. And while I worry about not recovery enough I figure fuck it I feel like working out so I do. Since my workouts have nothing to do with riding a bike I'm not too concerned with burning myself out, especially seeing that I am looking at my gorgeous new bike as I type and am chomping at the bit to ride her.

Also during this off season I seem to be keeping the debauchery at bay. Sure I have gone out a few nights and have gotten hammered, but by and large I have kept a pretty mellow existence, maybe having a few glasses of wine, or a beer after work with some friends. This is nice because coupled with lifting and swimming my weight is really staying down and am only about 5 pounds over my race weight. I plan on starting my transition into base in the middle of Oct. and officially start base the first week of November.

The one thing that I always notice during the off season is how much time I have on my hands. Especially with my new job (still a waiter with a grad degree) because I no longer work days at all, and instead of 8 shifts a week I have 4-5. So in all of this free time my mind has been busy telling me how lonely I am at times and that racing my bike is a healthy drug that allows me to escape a lot of the things that are going on in my "real life". I have been pretty much single for a little over a year now and while I think it has been for the best a part of me is starting to think I could now handle meeting someone. But alas, November is close and I know once I begin base there is no room for anything new in life. So that gives me a month and a half to meet the perfect someone. I'm forecasting another single season. I'm also forecasting the fastest season yet full of wins and a legitimate points upgrade to the 3's! I guess I am doomed to not having it all so I'll take what I can get and be happy with it.

Sidenote: I have been swimming an average of 1300 yards every other day and my goal of a sub 30 second 50 yard swim is almost reached. I Swam a 32 second sprint 4 days ago. I know its not that fast but I really have never learned how to properly swim (I mean technique). So my friend Ryan who is a swim coach at the local community college showed me some basics when it comes to a freestyle stroke. I plan to capture my goal next week!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Off Season

Now that the season has come to a close for me I find myself even more motivated to train. Looking forward to the clean slate that will be next season I have begin to map out the start of my training regiment. I have been in the gym 4 times this week and have been doing some light lifting prepping my muscles for some heavy lifting in the next months to come. I have also been logging some yards in the pool which I have been loving. I completed a 1100 yard workout the other day in which my last set was 500 yards the longest set I have ever swam. I know I could swim a 1000 yard set and will be one of my off season training goals along with breaking a 30 second 50 yard sprint! I also have been eating pretty good and with the combination of working out and getting sick last week have lost 3 pounds. I need to keep reminding myself to splurge a little though seeing it is off season.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Finally I bought myself a new bike! Having recently moved I am saving a ton on rent and have finally bit the bullet and bought myself something. A new Velo Vie Vitesse 300 frameset. I was in search for a new bike and had been researching specs, reviews, and prices for a couple of weeks when I went to the Velo Vie website. When I lived in Portland and rode for Potland Velo Velo Vie was the team's bike sponsor. I remember hearing my teammates talking about how much they like their bikes and knowing these were some really fast cat 3s and 2s I was immediately interested. So two years later I looked up some reviews on the Vitesse 300 and liked what I was reading. I also like that it is a small bike manufacturer that seems to be up and coming. I read a review that called Velo Vie the new Cervelo because of their similar small company start up story. Anyhow I have never riden a full carbon bike but know I am going to love the power transfer and the pound plus I am saving in weight. I loved Eleanor (my Cervelo) she performed great for me for 3 full season, she will be missed, but now the time has come for her to take a rest from racing. My brother will be getting her in hopes to inspire him to start riding with me. Yesterday I tore down Eleanor and will start building the new bike up. She doesn't have a name yet but it will come to me soon enough. Ill post pictures of her soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ontario End of Year Race Report.

Here it is the last report of the season. I contested in two races at Ontario, the 30+ 4/5 and the regular 4/5. To be honest going into these races I wasn’t very confident. I have only raced one other race (Brentwood) in the past 3 months. My legs felt heavy at Brentwood and the following 2 weeks leading into Ontario. Therefore I had planned on doing these hometown races just to have closure for the season. Warming up for the 30+ 4/5 I realized my legs felt pretty good, a lot better than they had the past week for sure. So I decided I would ride my usual race which is to stay in the front 10. I did exactly that not seeing anything further back than the top 7. My heart rate was about 10 beats higher than normal which I equated to the 90+ degree weather and my lack of fitness so I figured I would just ride as hard as I could until I blew up. Beeing forced to chase down a few breaks and take a few turns at the front I was sure my aggressive style wouldn’t last. Before I new it I saw the lap cards begin to count down 3 to go. Knowing I wouldn’t have a sprint I new it was going to be 100% position if I wanted to post a decent finish. I got stuck pulling with 2 to go and than let a few riders go ahead and positioned myself 7 wheel or so going into the lap. I pretty much held that positon into the last turn. Than the pace really ramped up and I knew I didn’t have a sprint but gave it everything I had to hold as many positions as I could. I finished 12th. I was really pleased with this finish. With my fitness level not being what it normally is I was still able to hold the postion I wanted to the entire race and still finish relatively strong.

Stats: Avg. Speed 25.5

Avg. HR 184 (about 10 beats higher than other races)

Max Speed 37.4mph

Max HR 207 (WOW don’t know if I ever had it that high before!)

I had about 2 1/2 hours between races in which I rested in the shade, laying down in the bed of my truck while teammate John who was joining me for the the 4/5 race warmed up. Not sure how my legs would hold up I planned on working for John if he felt good and I felt good enough. John and I lined up at the front and at the whistle I went directly to the front, seeing out of the corner of the my eye I noticed John had just a slight delay in getting clipped into his pedals which didn’t allow him to get to the front with me. After TURN ONE of the FIRST LAP there was pretty big pile up of riders that went down which John unfortunately got caught behind! Confident that John would make his way up to the top ten or so I stayed at the front securing us a position. My legs felt pretty good but when I needed to jump to close a gap I felt them really sting. About 30 minutes into the 45 minute race I was forced to reel in a break of 7 that just went away. I was up front when they jumped and didn’t want a break that big getting away that late in the race. But after that I was sure I was done. After that move I decided to slide back through peloton and look for John and recover a bit. I never saw John and went to the very back of the group. With 3 to go I made a huge move on the big straight to the Start/Finish from DFL to the front of the peloton. Feeling a little fresher I decided to hold on to my position as best as I could. Sure enough leading into 1 to go there was a HUGE NASTY MESS of CARNAGE right in the middle of the peloton. It left only about 16 or 18 guys left the others being caught behind the crash. So we gassed it full board for about a mile. I was barley holding on and kept getting gaped out by the group having to stand and attack to regain the wheels. The final straight is So LONG luckily the group now down to about 15 or so slowed a bit to set up for a sprint. When it came time we all stood up and let it loose. I had a bad lane and my sprint got cut short by a cone in the road in front of the announcing booth. I finished across the line in 10th.

Stats: Avg Speed 23.5

Avg HR 181

Max Speed 37.6

Max HR 206

Note: I stopped my computer a bit late into the cool down lap so the average numbers are a little lower than the actual.

Unfortunately John didn’t finish the race but I know its not because he didn’t try. A bit of bad luck and hard labor fixing his new house wasn’t a good mix for Ontario that day.

Sorry so long…

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm Back! This time its for reals. I have crashed, burned out, and traveled to the other side of the world and back. I have been training relativiley hard for a month now and am just starting to gain back my fitness. I have lost most of the weight I put on during my heitus. I am back on track with my sleep schedule going to bed early and waking up early to train. But most importantly I am excited to ride my bike again! I need to buckle down just a bit more to finish the season strong but am ready. No more drinking beer at all! No more eating late at night at all! Planned rides with purpose!! Things of that nature. I am pre-reged for the last 4 races of season and doing two at Ontario and will probably do the last CBR totalling 6 more races and than the season will officially be over.

Side note: just finished Montrose ride today and rode well. I accelerated out of the pack hitting 31 miles an hour for a while to bridged a gap to a tadem and 3 other riders that formed a break and hung with them for a mile or so until we hit a red light and field was back all together. Overall a good ride. Went up the kitchen climb in the front as well. Going on a Mt. Bike ride tomorrow! that should be fun. I am promising myself I will post more often. I have been logging my rides in Gmail calander though.


Friday, May 29, 2009


Totally unrelated to cycling, tomorrow I am going to go do some construction work on my new home. I am moving to Long Beach with my long time best friend and teammate John. I new I could squeeze cycling in there somehow. We are going to get crazy fast living together!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check it out!

I just finished updating my race resume for my entire cycling career. Its been a blast remembering back to each and every race I did. Thought I might as well post it. There are a few wholes in the 2006 and 2007 seasons as a Cat 5 due to some CBR results I could not find. I know I had a few if not 3 top 10's. Other than that all the Ontario's were 4/5's. Oh and check out the stellar 3 days at San Diego Omnium. I should downgrade back to a 5 HA HA!

2006 Season
Category 5

DNF Ontario Airport Criterium
5 Costa Mesa Criterium
9 San Fernando Criterium
15 Ontario 4

2007 Season
Category 5
5 Roger Millikan Saturday
19 Dare to Race Ontario 1
31 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 1
23 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 2
6 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 3
25 San Dimas Stage Race GC
4 Redlands Criterium (NRC)
9 San Diego Omnium TT
6 San Diego Omnium RR
5 San Diego Omnium Crit
6 San Diego Omnium GC

2007 Season (Upgraded to Cat 4)
Category 4
Place Event

35 San Luis Rey RR
2 Ontario 3
15 Barry Wolf Memorial GP

2008 Season
Category 4

Place Event
56 San Luis Rey RR
32 Barry Wolf Memorial GP
2 Ontario Airport Crit
27 San Fernando GP
6 Bicycle Johns GP
15 SCNCA Elite Crit Championships
15 Ontario 4

2009 Season
Category 4

Place Event
53 Boulevard Road Race
28 Red Trolley Classic
18 Roger Millikan Memorial
26 Ontario Dare to Race Criterium
11 Ontario Dare to Race (30+ 4/5)
28 Tour de Murrieta Stage 2
42 San Dimas SR Stage 1
60 San Dimas SR Stage 2
16 Long Beach Bicycle GP
29 Devils Punchbowl
2 Torrance Criterium
DNF Dana Point NRC (Crashed)
60 San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic

rebuilt revised

Well after Sunday's dissapointing race at Barry Wolfe I hereby proclaim that I am officially over-trained. Disreguard everything written in the last post instead of interval training it will be rest days from here on out until I return from China which will be mid June. I am hoping that will leave me enough time to rebuild in time for the last few big races of the season those being Manhattan Beach, and the State Championship crit in San Luis Obispo. Well see?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have noticed a slippage in both my approach to cycling and my actual training since the crash. I have been staying up late, drinking too much alcohol, eating like shit, and ignoring my core work. Although I am still riding strong (seeing that I smashed the buds ride last wed) I should be focusing on getting stronger, not staying stagnate. To some degree I think it is fitting seeing it is mid-season. Maybe this short hiatus of cycling being number 1 in my life has come at a perfect time. It was time to rest and stave off burnout. Two weeks from now I will be in China which leaves me with the concern of loosing fitness. So to counteract this I am going to devote these next 2 1/2 weeks to the bike so that I can carry as much fitness with me to the other side of the world so that upon my return I will be ready to crush the competition yet again. So with that said here are the ways I am going to do it...

1. Train with purpose (every ride will be planned out accordingly, oh yeah lots of intervals too!)
2. Rest (get to bed at a reasonable hour)
3. Diet (could stand to lose 3-5 pounds)
4. H20 (cut out the whiskey and beer)
5. Core (sit ups make me a powerful sprinter)

Barry Wolfe is on Sunday. Ill let you know how it goes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Crushed It!!

I did the Bud's ride on Wednesday night which for those who don't know is a speed ride that does three laps on a variation of the SDSR Road Race course. There are ALWAYS heavy hitters there who dominate this ride and drop any mother f'er who has fluffed their recent training by even 10 minutes. I finished with the pack which is a huge win in my book especially figuring I took at least one pull every lap ( hey I hang in the front and when its my turn to pull I sack up and do my work). I'm not suggesting in any way shape or form that this ride was easy for me to finish. There was one point I got dropped and dangled off the back and chased back on. There were other points of the ride that I wanted to cry because my legs hurt so bad, but I couldn't create a gap and make the 100 guys behind me close that gap. There were times when I had to push with everything I had to stay with the group for 100 more meteres knowing it would slow for a moment and I could recover (and by slow I mean the pace would come down to 30 mph). The best part of the ride though was when I was pulling and noticed Chris DeMarchi was on MY WHEEL. YEAH BOY!! I Got tons of street cred after that ride! Not like they didn't know who I was already though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Finally, today is my first chance to do the Bud's ride this season! I can't wait, instead of riding by all of my cycling colleagues on my way to work I will be joining them for my favorite group ride. "ride" ha I guess we should call it a group race. I'll let you know how it goes. The shoulder and back are still reminding me they are a bit injured but the 600mg pills of IB Profen calm the pain.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is the first time I can remember looking at my bike and not wanting to jump on it and ride really fast. I am going through a small bout of depression due to the crash on Sunday. The one thing I love that was loving me back has dumped me into a guardrail doing 30 mph. And adding insult to injury as I sat at the medic booth waiting for them to clean my road rash and check out my shoulder I saw five other guys who were involved in the accident being supported by their significant others. As I sat there I was left thinking "am I going to be able to drive myself home?" Maybe I am being too dramatic about this whole ordeal? I mean its just bike racing right? Ha Ha Right? If that were the case I would have never been up in the top 8 at Dana Point. I was up there because its more than just bike racing to me. Its a whole slew of things that I can't even get into right now. But I can sum it up by saying it is my one true love.

I looked through the race results and wanted to say this... Kudos to the guys who were top 3-5 not sure if you would have been there had I stayed up right but just being in the front of that race was tough work so you deserve the top slots. To the guys who finished 6-12 your welcome. I hope you know that you should have never been there. If it wasn't for some shit head crashing on a straight away taking out the 5 heavy hitters that went down behind him you would have went home once again thinking to yourselves "damn I almost had top 12" So your welcome, but don't get used to it. I know a few of the guys that went down, and I know my self of course and we will be back. We will be back to bring the pain on your legs and your ego leaving you to sprint for top 20! Tomorrow I am getting back on the bike! See you at San Luis Rey.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dana Point Race Report

O.k. Ill make this short. As always I stayed in the top 10 for about 98% of the race only being shuffled back into the 30’s once. This race was fast and not much swarming going on at all, pretty strung out the whole time. I got caught pulling with 3 to go but did my job and kept it fast. Last lap I set myself up in perfect position and the peloton really hit the gas which lined it out. We took turn 6 really hot flying to the outside running it right next to the steel gates (the kind meant to hold the fans back). I was sitting 7th wheel and knew no one was going to come around me with only 300 meters to go, it was just a matter of how many people I could pass in my sprint, and I was feeling good mind you. This is when the guy in front of me went down! There was a small space between him and the rail that I tried to squeeze through and almost made it but the guy behind me swerved and leaned all his weight on me pushing me down into the guard rails.

My first crash. I would estimate we were doing close to 30mph. Luckily nothing broken on my body. Just a really bad bruised left shoulder, and some decent road race on that shoulder as well. My bibs ripped at the ass I am surprised and really happy no road rash there. My bike turned out pretty well, except for the the broken front Zipp 303 she just suffered some scratched shifters. All in all it could have been way uglier. I’m pissed more than anything that I am riding in form right now and really believed I had top 5 sewed up and maybe even had a shot at the podium for this NRC race. My legs felt great and I was in perfect position. Oh well resume training tomorrow today is recovery day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Race Ready

So tomorrow is Dana Point. So today I went out and did an 1:30 ride picking it up at points, and doing a lot of high tempo riding to get my legs ready for what should be a really fast race. Other than that I decided my house could use a good cleansing and my bike needs to be set up for tomorrow, than I am going to sit around and rest my legs before work and start a new book (To Kill a Mockingbird). My legs were a bit sluggish today but it was Hella windy out so its always hard to tell in that condition. A good warm up tomorrow than the rest is just drilling it until I can't drill it any more.

PS I read my last entry (torrance race report) man what a horrible job I did writing that. I should take a little more time and write better. I have written a 100+ page masters thesis for F sake the least I could do is write a well written race report! Ill try harder on Monday when I am writing about my first win!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Torrance Crit

In the Cat 4 crit in Torrance we had a small field of about 50 riders due to Chuck Pontius being held on the same day. I looked around when we lined up and saw some of the heavy hitters made it out to Torrance and knew it the small field would only make the race faster. Two laps and a break of 6 riders go off the front. I reacted too slow and finally decided I need to be in every break in this race because of the small field so I jumped and spent 2 laps in no man’s land finally bridging the gap to join the break. We held off the peloton for about 5 laps and than were reeled in. My legs where feeling really good and I knew I would be aggressive all race. About 2 laps later I got in a break of 4 that stayed away for about 4 laps or so before getting caught. 2 laps later the pace slowed so I decided to jump knowing someone would come with me and indeed I got one more rider to go with me and this one stuck for awhile but again we chased down. Later a solo rider went away and I was too tired to bridge and seeing no one went with him knew he wasn’t going to be a threat not to mention we had 20 minutes left in the race and it was windy. I helped reel him back in after letting him dangle for 5 or 6 laps (Torrance is a really short course only ½ mile long). The very next lap my friend James took a flyer so I joined him. He exhausted himself on the initial effort, so I came around to pull and ended up dropping him. I held up let him catch back on and take a turn than came around again for my turn and dropped him again. Realizing he wasn’t going to be strong enough to make it stick I sat up and waited to be caught by the peloton.

At this point we went to lap cards with 6 to go. A rider from Ironfly went to the front and set a nice pace that no one willing to come around him, I was sitting second wheel. The rider from Ironfly continued to pull and knowing he had 4 other teammates in the race I refused to come around to pull since that would have to be the job of his teammates. I sat in staying uber vigilant watching over my shoulder for the possible attack up the side. Nothing happened until the last lap. The Ironfly rider still pulling he lifted the pace stringing out the group which made me happy. Just out of turn 3 just what I expected a rider sitting 5 wheel or so jumped from the outside so I jumped and grabbed his wheel and followed him hauling ass right into the super windy section for the course. I knew I had to jump before the last turn seeing it is only about a 250meter sprint to the line out of turn 4. So I did, I jumped and sailed to the outside taking turn 4 super HOT jammed passed the rider and stood and gave everything I had to hold off the peloton. I saw one rider creep up to my right and we sprinted it out for the remaining 100 meters. He beat me by a rim! A stinking rim! Leaving me to finish 2nd. First podium of the season for yours truly and I got pictures to prove it! Oh and a copy of the check I deposited today!
So there it is a perfect time for me to find my form with Dana Point, which is a National Race Calendar race coming up next weekend were the points are doubled. The second place awarded me 11 points, which skyrocketed me to 70th place in the socal cup standings!
With that said I just wanted to take a second to thank Jim for all the support he has provided me throughout the past two seasons. He shows up or calls me before every race to prepare me and does the same after every race to hear the stories of both victory and defeat, always supporting me regardless of the outcome. Thanks again Jim I am honored to have you as my Director Sportif and as my friend! The next one will be a win buddy!

PS. I told you team my money was on me! haha.

Torrance Crit 2009

Torrance Crit 2009

Devil's Punchbowl

Saturday was Devil’s Punchbowl Road Race which is know by the majority of Southern California cyclist to be the most difficult RR of the season. A 16 mile loop (we did 3 laps so 48 miles total) with 1800 feet of climbing per lap which is held in the high desert 4000 feet above sea level. Oh yeah I said desert right? its f’ing always hot at this race. My ambitious goal for this race was top 30. Ok I’ll try and make this short. Sold out field of 100. Into the end of the first set of climbs I pop and get pitched off the back. I gather my composure and set out to chase. At this point I am on a descent. I pick up a rider and work with him but as soon as the descent is over he is too week to help me on the long false flat with a series of short climbs so I leave him. I pick a rider here and there and we form a nice chase group of about 5 or 6. We chase like hell all doing a good amount of work but cant quite catch them. Finally we latch back on just before the start finish.
Lap two begins and the pace is still high but a little more manageable. We hit the start of the first long climb and the peloton lifts the pace and breaks are field into two. I make the break and stay with the front group only to be dropped one more time leading into the stair step climbs that are just murder. I pick up two riders. We climb together and descend together. Again we hit the false flats and their slowing me down. After a mile of trying to work with them I decide to lift the pace and if they can’t hang oh well ill ride solo. I drop them and I pick up another rider leading into the beginning of the 3rd and final lap. We end up forming a chase with 8 riders. Into the false flat we go and at this point I am feeling really good and start thinking about beating all of these guys. With about 6 miles to go I attack the group, and bring 3 riders with me. We stay away. I wait a bit and attack again only one ride was able to bridge to me (Frankie was his name he was the guy I joined leading into lap 3 so I was happy it was him). We are drill it to open the gap between us and the groupetto and we end up going clear and picking up another rider. With about 4 miles left I decide to attack again. A good effort but they catch me after a little work. I than cramp in my left inner thigh! Shit I am thinking but I drink and spin and work out the cramp. So once feeling better I attack again! They answer and catch me. Leading into the downhill I figured I should attack again seeing there is a 90-degree turn at the bottom that really causes you to go from 35 or 40 to 10 mph leading into the last climb to the finish so I attack again! Caught again damn! Out of the turn knowing we are on the last climb I attack again, this time dropping Frankie leaving only me, and the Amgen rider to duke it out. Once he caught me he attacked me and I countered catching him. I had one more effort left so I gave it one last go and this one finally stuck!
I finished 29th beating my goal of top 30. At the risk of sounding a bit egotistical I couldn’t tell you how pleased I am with the effort I put into this race. When I got dropped on the first lap I thought I was done for, but I collected myself and put my head down and fought a hell of a fight realizing I am stronger than I give myself credit for. Not being the strongest climber in the peloton I was left impressed with my efforts and determination. This is race is what cycling is all about! This is my strongest showing at a road race as a cat 4. Can’t wait for San Luis Rey!

Sorry this was so long but it was an epic race.

Monday, April 6, 2009

LBC Race Report!

What an event put on down in Long Beach this weekend. The Grand Prix took place right in the center of downtown Long Beach and offered up a great 6 turn course that was very technical due to the turns and the wind. As I lined up at the front I looked around to get a rough head count of the riders figuring that we had to have come pretty close to reaching the field limit of 120 riders. More people to beat I think due to a great warm up that left me feeling confident. At the gun I took off to get position and nestled into the top 5 where I stayed for about 99% of the time. The race was really fast and I felt great so I didn’t mind putting in a lot of work to keep the field from bunching up. About a little more than half way finished there was a break of 5 riders. They dangled out front for awhile and than started increasing their gap on us (the field). I scanned the break on the straight and saw my friend Sean was in it and decided this may be the winning move. So I of course jumped from fifth wheel, bridged the gap and joined the break. Well we ended up getting caught shortly after I bridged the gap. One bullet fired but still feeling good held my position up front.

We went to the lap cards and for some reason I thought there was another 3 man break up the road. I was so sure and with there only being 5 laps left I thought that would be the winning move. I yelled at John on the sidelines if there was indeed a break up the road and he confirmed there was (at least I thought he did). So of course I jumped in order to bridge! Turns out there was NO break up the road and I had mis-understood John lol. Im an idiot I know. Second bullet was fired!! Shit I am still feeling good though. With 3 to go they announced a $50 cash prime! I got caught up front pulling going into the last two turns so I decided I could use the cash and jumped to be beat at the line by a rim! Third bullet was gone.

I held my position up front but found myself once again too far up front going into the last lap sitting 2nd wheel. Luckily some guys made a move to get position so I happily let them in front of me putting me in 5th position. Perfect I’m thinking!! We jam on it and single file the line. Out of the last turn I held on to 5th wheel with the feeling that the only thing left for me to do for the day is collect my 1st place medal and cash while on the Podium after my sprint! The guys in front of me went way way too early causing the whole field to jump me included. It was a 600 meter straight to the line. I was overcome with pain due to the efforts of the race and watched guys pass me with no bullets left to counter. I sprinted and felt like I was standing still. I ended up finishing 16th.

I was really happy with the race even though the end result has been haunting me. I need to work on my sprint is what I learned. I am starting in a gear that is too big for me to push. I am so much faster if I start my sprint in my 16 and get a fast cadence going gradually shifting down as I gain speed. It’s just really hard to get everything perfect during the last kilometer of a race. This week is rest week next week sprint intervals and climbing to prepare for PunchBowl and Torrace!! Hope this wasn’t too painful to read!! GO RIDE!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So its been awhile since my last post. The reasons behind this are many but mainly its due to the fact that I don't believe that anyone reads this. So I find myself recollecting training sessions or races while in front of the computer much less frequent. Instead I have been thinking of my training and or racing while on the bike. The best solo rides are the ones where I can day dream about past races and think about what I did right, and more importantly what I did wrong. And there is nothing better than playing out an up coming race in my head and imagining wining the race. There is something to be said for positive thinking and believing in yourself and all of the hard work you have put in.

So what have you missed. Stage 2 of Murrieta, going into the final lap I was caught behind a crash and was forced to chase back on. When it came down to the sprint I had no more bullets to fire. Finished 28th.

SDSR was a big dissapointment for me. I crushed my best time ever on the TT putting up a 17:18 which put me in 42nd place after day one. I went into the RR feeling great and strong. I rode really well and held great position throughout the race. Making sure I was up front leading into the Canon climb so not to get shuffled back too much, racing really aggressive. Than on the 4th lap I made a horrible shift and dropped my chain on the climb. I was dissconnected with the group and had to TT the last 2 laps. I made the time cut and surprisingly enough finished only 6 minutes behind the leader. For the stage I finished 60th of 103 starters, the time gap dropped me from 42nd to 60th overall for th GC. TO BE CONTINUED.. I got to go get some lunch.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Last night I went to sleep dreading waking up. I woke up this morning with risiduale fear but changed my mindset and started to get ready to tackle the goal that lay ahead of me. The subject of my anxiety was non other than the trainer!! I have promised myself to do add at least one trainer session a week to my regiment. Last week being my recovery week I got to skip it but today was set to do a the Spinervals video Muscle Breakdown which has a 5 minute set 4 seconds on 4 seconds off sprint workout (Murder I tell you)! I set up my trainer last night so there would be no excuses seeing that I needed to be at work at 10am. After my bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee I suited up, poped in the video, and mounted my bike only to find that my left cleat was not engaging with the pedal. It simply wasn't locking in. My fear of the days workout turned into the fear of NOT working out! I took the whole cleat apart thinking all of the training in the rain must have clogged up the mechanism with dirt and grime. To my surprise the metal ring that allows the cleat to work (speedplay) had broken in two. Working a double shift today along with a laundry list of stuff to take care of (and now adding going to the LBS for new cleats) before I leave for Sacramento tomorrow is not going to allow me to get a ride in today. Oh well these kinds of thing happens, I will just have to add some open road intervals to my 4 hour planned ride tomorrow in Sac tomorrow. I just love that I was so not looking forward to todays workout until I couldn't accomplish it! I will miss the feeling of domination that comes over me after interval sessions done on the trainer are finished. Well I guess I will do some core exersises tonight to burn a few calories and gain a little strenght.

Peace out!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Crash Fiesta!!

Sunday I was driving home from Long Beach after the race filled with questions I commonly ask myself on bad days on the bike. Questions such as "Why did I get up at 5 a.m. and drive 40 +miles to a race today?" or "Why did I decline invitations to hang out with my friends last night to have a few beers?" Apparently there is one answer to these along with similar questions pertaining to days like Sunday and that is TO HAVE DUMB ASSES CRASH THEIR BIKES RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! Sure sure you could argue that I was in bad position or some shit like that but the truth of the matter is that I was sitting 10th wheel going into the last turn when a few geniuses decided to go 5 wide into the turn and therefore cross 3 lines coming out of the turn wiping a lot of guys out. Luckily I avoided it but was left watching guys who were sitting 20 go right around me!!

Seriously it was one of the worst races I have EVER done. No one, I mean no one wanted to create pace. It being my first CBR race in awhile and the pace being so slow made me think the first lap was a warm up lap and even asked the guy next to me if it was. ha. After he said no I went to the front and lifted our whopping 23 mph pace to 30 to string it out and start the race. I think there may, I reapeat may have been 3 other laps were 4 or 5 guys did some work and the peloton went single file. Of course the slow pace lead to what I counted 4 crashes! Some guys were serioulsy hurt and I hope they all recover well and didn't suffer as bad it looked.

Oh and if your thinking "well thats the Cat 4's for you"" I say HA!! I did the 30+ 3/4 race and it was even worse with some really narley crashes on the straight away out of turn 2. After coming to a complete stop due to the 2nd of 3 crashes in this race I decided there was something in the air that day and instead of taking my free lap headed to my truck to call it a day.

Crossing wheels never made sense to me. Why can't people just either ride behind you or next to you. Oh it's because they are not fit enough to get into a position that is safe they are constantly trying to be somewhere they shouldn't be. Exactly why I ride in the top 5 but sometimes I get shuffled back from a surge every now and then and find myself being subseptable to the delimma.

Oh well, a week off from racing this week. Going to concentrate on putting in some really hard intervals. I am going up to Sacramento to train with my best friend John for the weekend which will be a blast. Hopefully the weather holds up. The following week will consist of Stage 2 of the Tour De Murrieta which is the Circuit race and the following week is SDSR! March Madness is about to begin so hold on its going to be a wild one!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ontario race reports

As my third weekend of racing has come and gone I realize that I am really starting to come into form. I have been advancing about 10 positions every weekend therefore, if I stay on schedule I will surely be mounting the podium in about a week and a half! With that said here is the rub on the two races I did at old Ontarible on Sunday the 22.

The gist… 30+ 4/5

-Pulled the first lap, third lap, and a whole bunch of other laps.
-Answered every attack and stayed in top 5 the whole race.
-Sat 3rd wheel leading into the last turn.
-Some asshole sitting second wheel not only blocked for his teammate but swerved over 3 lines
to keep me from going!! What the f??
- Finished 11th.

The 4/5’s
-Same plan of action stay upfront
-Legs felt great
-Did a lot of work
-Decided to try to sit back a little in the last lap
-Got swarmed
-Sit back never again (what was I thinking?)
-Finished in the 20’s I'm guessing, results yet to post.

p.s. For you doubters of how hard I work!! I believe I need to change my set up a smidgen!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Love Part

Top 5 reasons to stay single...

1. To get Faster on the Bike!
2. To get Faster on the Bike!
3. To get Faster on the Bike!
4. To get Faster on the Bike!
5. To get Faster on the Bike!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Roger Millikan Crit RR

RogeI intended Roger Millikan Crit to be another Class C training race. One which I would put my nose into the wind and do a lot of work in the race in order to build better fitness for later races. I showed up to the race having done some nasty interval session on Friday (on the trainer mind you) and a 3-hour ride the day before so I can’t say I tapered for this race. I lined up at the front and when the gun went off no one wanted to pull so I took us the first lap and drilled a nice high 20’s pace. This worked out well because it woke my legs up and put me in good position from the start. The rest of the race I worked to stay in the top 10 mainly in the top 5. There were a lot of attacks and I would respond to all of them and help pull the peloton up to them and therefore keeping me in the top 5 or so riders. On one lap about half way through the pace really slowed at the start/finish line so I went up front to drill it and only one guy came with me and we created a 50-meter gap so we went for it. I knew a 2 man break wouldn’t stick but what the heck it’s a training race. We only stayed out for about a lap and a half and when the peloton caught us I was scared didn’t have enough and that the train would just go rolling by me. I mustered up the strength stood and sunk back in to the draft where I recovered for a lap.
I made my way back up to the front and helped dictate some pace and answer any attacks. With one to go I got swarmed in the back stretch and was forced to make a big effort to get back up to the front 10, got swarmed again just before the second to last turn leading to the uphill and was forced to take it really wide. So I gassed it and went flying around a number of riders and just leading into the final turn some dude barrels around me and cuts me off forcing me to touch my breaks, this is when I see myself loose ten positions! Made the turn and sprinted with all I had finishing in 18th.
Overall it was a great race. It was fast and pretty safe only one wipe out and it was one solo rider who took a turn too wide, didn’t even take anyone out with him (that’s how wide he took it lol). As for me I felt great. My head was in the race. I was focused and dedicated. I made good decisions and put in a good days work. Of course I wish I was standing on the podium after the race but that wasn’t the primary goal of this one. That time will come. In my last Race Report I promised no finish out of top twenty. There you go. Soon there will be no finish out of top 15. Ontario is next week (home courts advantage for me). Again looking to find form for SDSR I will be racing two races at Ontario: 30+4/5 and the 4/5. Hope to see you out there.

PS Congrats to Steffan who raced a hell of a race at Roger Millikan. His field was completely shattered due to a really fast race. Steffan hung in there and finished with the lead group! Good job man, I look forward to racing with you at Ontario!

Monday, February 9, 2009

BLVD./ Red Trolley

The hour long drive to BLVD. from San Diego was forecasting a rough day of racing. With a unyielding downpour the entire drive I knew I was in for a long day. I got to the race with plenty of time to warm up and my spirits grew as the sun peaked out for a few moments and the rain actually stopped for a few. To make a long story short, the roads were filled with puddles and the rain returned and I found myself during the entire first half of the first lap to be out of position. Sitting in the back of the pack. Really I just didn’t have the guts to be up front for the 37 mph descents in the rain. Thoughts of not so much my safety but not being able to race the first part of the season due to a crash in a race which I knew I couldn’t win (I’m not a very good climber what can I say) were rushing through my head. Anyways I got caught behind a few flats due to a cattle crossing that are right before the beginning of the 10 mile climb. I got disconnected and fought to get back on which I did. The pace was lifted shortly after leaving me to fall off the back. I passed a group of riders and maintained my tempo making sure not to blow up since I still had 30 miles to go. I picked up one rider who would become my buddy and we really dug deep and set a nice tempo. By the time we finished the climb on the first lap it was now hailing which towards the last 45 min. of the race became snow. We basically time trialed the whole race until the last 6 miles of the last lap where we picked up a group of 5 other riders. We all decided to ride together and not attack each other. And all rode to the finish with numb fingers, toes, faces, and egos. I don’t know if I have ever been that cold in my life. All said and done I finished 53 of however many started of the sold out 100 rider race.

Red Trolley
I was excited to race on dry pavement the next day. I lined up with the game plan to stay in the top 10 throughout the race and to join any break with 4 or more riders in it. About 15 min. into the race a break of 5 went so I jumped and bridged the gap. It was at this moment I could feel the efforts of the day before on my legs. I burnt one match and it was early in the race. The peloton was responsive and caught us about a lap later. For those that have raced this course all know the wall of a hill just before the Start/Finish line. This hill was taking its toll on me every lap as I seemed to be picking the wrong person to follow up the climb leaving me to have to closing the gap every lap. I stayed in the top 10 though and fought off the pain in my legs. With three to go I again got F’d by some dude who pooped out on top of the climb so I went into the gutter to go around him as I looked at him when I passed him I watched him racked with fatigue try to pull out of the peloton without looking and therefore taking out 4 or so riders to his left and 10 or so more behind them! So the front group yells “GAS IT”. Hey you got to take advantage of these situations, if you try and ride in the back to avoid work and you get caught in or behind a crash the front is simply not going to wait for you. So we drill it separating the field leaving about 40 of us to battle it out. With one to go I got shuffled back to about 20th, on the last straight before turn 3 the downhill leading to the climb I knew I had to get to the front so I jumped out of the group and nudged my way into about 7th position. At this point I was thinking I am exactly where I want to be. So down the hill we went doing about 38 mph into the sweeping right into the wall! I stood up and gave everything I only to feel as though I was standing still. My legs were fried! I watched rider after rider pass me. I was going backwards! So I soft pedaled the last 100 m of flat straight away finishing in 28th. Once I knew I wasn’t top 20 I just cruised it in knowing a gap had formed in out little group of 40 leaving the other 10 or so still on the climb.

Well there you have it the first of many race reports of the season. I’ll tell you this it is the last that will be out of the top 20 at least. These were hard races in tough weather. These were my first races of the season. These races have only motivated me to eat even better, train even harder, race even smarter, and dig even deeper, all of which will help me come into absolute monstrous form. Thanks for reading. Next race is Sunday Roger Millikan in Brea. Forecast is for rain so keep your fingers crossed. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here we go!!!

Finally, my first two races are coming up this weekend. Boulevard and Red Trolley which are both down South in the San Diego area. I am looking forward to not only racing but taking the weekend off of work and spending some time away from home for a couple of nights. Although lets face it hardly what you could call a vacation. No drinking (OK OK maybe 1 beer) and getting to bed at a descent hour is far from a party weekend but hey that's why I am a machine, and that is why I am able to ride at the front and finish in the front. It's not due to any natural talent bestowed upon me but rather the strict work ethic I put into my training.

A side note, I hit my race goal weight of 153 this week! I still plan on loosing a few more pounds during the next month but if not I will defiantly decrease my body fat percentage (which is high at 9.1%) as I build a little more muscle during my Build 2 phase of training. Overall I am feeling great, lean and mean. I am going to try my hardest at BLVD. even thought RR is not my forte and the forecast calls for rain, and as far as Red Trolley I plan on winning it! So there is in print.

Alright off to the grocery store to go get food for the weekend! Ill update you on my return. Oh I'll try and post you my Dave Zabriske tribute stash later today. HAHA

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So today my friends and training partners (Brian a teammate and Eddie) planned to do a Time Trial around Bonelli Park. Its a 7 mile rolling hills course with a few short climbs spread out evenly throughout the course. Well of course as I was getting ready to roll out I noticed that my HR monitor wasn't working so I messed with it a little to no avail. So finally I decided to say F' it ill do it without HR which is cool it just sucks to not have the data after it's all said and done.

A little background information about this TT "series" that we do. We basically use it to meassure our fitness throughout the season. We usually will do it about 4-5 times a season evenly spread out throughout the months. Today would be the first of the season. We provide 30 second gaps between riders and go in position of whoever has posted the fastest time the last time we time trialed. With that said here are the times posted from the final TT last season which was a record breaking day for all of us I believe.

Wes- 18:07
Brian- 18:09 ?
Eddie- 18:15?
(not exactly sure of there times but they were close to what has been posted. We are all relativly close).
(side note Eddie did post a 18:01 on his own one day but this was without the group so we don't figure it in the starting postion).

Ok so to the TT. Since Brian hasn't been training he volunteered to be the rabbit and go first. And instead of the normal 30 second gap we provided him with a 1:30 to give Eddie and I something to shoot for. So Brian took off, than Eddie 1:30 later than I 30 seconds later. I felt good down the first stretch of road and was already starting to close the gap on Eddie my 30 sec. man, but about 5 minutes into the TT I was approaching the first of 3 short climbs so I shifted into my small ring to recovery before I hit it and made a bad shift and dropped my chain!! What a dork I am, a rookie mistake. So I slowed down and finally stopped jumped off and put my chain back on. I hoped back on and decided I would still give it my all. The rest of the TT I burried myslef trying to forget about the mishap. I ended up crossing the line with a 19:19 which was one second ahead of Eddie's 19:20 and a little under a minute of Brian's 20:55?. So if I hadn't dropped the chain I know I would have been sub 19:00 which was my goal, so overall I am pleased with my ride. Moreso I impressed myself with the ability to still give it my all and endure all of that pain and hell knowing that my time was not going to be that impressive. That is bike racing to me, extrapulating the small battles in big races and enduring the worst to strive for the best!

On another note on the the cool down lap I hit 33 mph on a sprint we all contested which felt really good, and lead out the last sprint of the day holding about 31.5 mph for 1 k. when Eddie come around me. Luckily I had enough to grab back on to his wheel and out sprint him in the last 10 meters to win the sprint! A great day on the bike!! Riding with this group is just as fun and rewarding sometimes as racing. They are both great guys and great competitors. I am glad they are on my side during the races!!!

Ride Safe!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Look Left!!

Saturday I rode out with the Coffee Bean Group to meet Montrose. When we hit Irwindale we hit the rain. So instead of killing ourselves in the already dangerous ride the collective decided to turn back. When we were back into our home town I whispered to my friend Eddie that I wanted the Pomona City Limits sprint. So he said he would gladly lead me out as best as he could. With about a kilimoter left we just happen to be pulling the group, not an exact ideal location to win a sprint in a group of about 17 guys almost all of which are cat 3's and 2's! So Eddie started getting antsy and without knowing it picked up the pace which was at a easy cruise to about 21 mph. I looked at him thinking "not yet dude". So we fell back in, but I think we triggered some suspussion from the guys that were on our wheel. So with about 500 meters left I told Eddie to "hit it!!" So he took off and he set a great lead out pace that created a nice gap. I was on his wheel chilling just waiting to explode off of him and sprint. All of a sudden Elliot (a really fast cat 3) bridges the gap and sails around us. So I jump off of Eddie and seek Elliot trying desperatley to get his wheel. I fought tooth and nail and grabbed it with 100 meters to go. I sat just to his left overlapping him just a bit. I noticed he kept looking to his right, looking to his right and then slowed down just a bit. I than realized he didn't see me!! So I jumped as hard as I could and as I passed him I heard him say "What the... ARGHHH" and I had enough time to sit up across the line!!

So let this be a lesson not always the fastest wins. As we all know cycling is such a complex sport. To win sometimes all the stars need to be aligned and others you simply need to look left!! LOL!!

This week is my well deserved recovery week!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back on it

So I'm back on the bike and with vengeance!! I busted out a 45 minute spinerval training session last Saturday night at 9 pm after a 10 hour day of work, I know I know what a loser. Well I rode hard! How do I know I rode hard you ask? I spend 15 minutes after the session trying NOT to throw up, luckily I was successful.

In other news I rode with the group I will now refer to as The Coffee Bean Group (due to the location we meet at 3 days a week) on Sunday and today. Sunday I felt great, I climbed well and rode tempo well. Today on the other hand was horrible. I did not get much sleep at all last night and have been working my ass off (at least those are the excuses I have decided to use) so my legs were tired from the get go. I was last up every climb and even got dropped form the single file pace line (which was screaming fast at least). I'm not too worried just a bad day on the bike. It happens.

Anyways... up and coming training will include one more set of intervals this week and one more group ride, with a active recovery day thrown in the middle. I was contemplating racing on Sunday just as a training session but probably won't.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Every pre-season it seems that a series of somethings take place exactly at the wrong time that attempts to totally upset my training. Well here we are. Friday morning while at work a co-worker was sick and of course instead of covering his shift he comes to work to bitch and moan about how he was not feeling good. Anyhow instead of having someone else come in to work for him he asked if I was able to cut my break short and come in early so he could leave (I am a sucker I know). So the 2 hour ride I had planned on my break turned into a 45 minute spin session on my trainer. Saturday morning I had planned a 4 hour ride with my team. While getting ready I noticed so really bad plumbing issues occuring in my bathroom that needed immediate attention. So my 4 hour ride with teammates turned into an hour spin due to the time the plumbing insedent took. Now my whole week turned into a weird first week of build 1. At least I got some hill intervals in on Monday and a really LT raising day with the Coffee Bean Crew on Weds.

Oh and if this week wasn't enough next week I am working in L.A. for a good friend of mine on top of working at the restaurant. I new this was coming so not a surprise but definatly a training stunter. I am just hoping to get in at leat an 1 to 1.5 hours in every other day on the bike. A recovery week in the middle of a period? OK I guess. The following week Build 1 will resume and I will have 4 weeks until my first race. Of course the first 4-5 races will simply be training races preping me for SDSR, but it doesn't mean I don't want to do well in them. I do however plan on working a lot in these races to build fitness. Anyhow I'm going to try and squeeze in a nice long ride tomorrow to make up for some the hours that will be lost this week.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Build is officially here!!

Today was a group ride which consisted of 7 riders one being a pro from Rock Racing the others being: a cat 2, a cat 3 on the verge of becoming a 2, a semi pro mt biker, and a 35+er, some other fast guy, and little o'l me. We road through Carbon Canyon which consists of rollers along with some longer steep climbs which last anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes to ascend.

Ill be doing this ride every Wednesday with them as well as riding with them pretty regularly on Sat and or Sundays. I'm glad I hooked up with these guys. I've always wanted to train with faster riders to push me. My LT has already been lifted after 2 rides with this group!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bearded + Build

So I am bearded now! Promised myself I am going to keep at least until Boulevard!

Today was my first day of Build 1. So I went up GMR and did some 3 minute intervals in my zone 4. It is great to be through with base and add some intensity but I will continue to log a lot of miles and ease into the hard efforts.

I am getting really excited for the season to come!!


I know it was a while ago but I finally am taking a minute to write about my Saturday ride. I went out with a group that left Claremont heading for Irwindale to pick up the Montrose ride there. It was a little over an hour out to pick up the ride. We were sitting at the side of the road waiting for the ride to come and all of a sudden a sea of colors comes ino view which is about 150 to 200 riders doing about 30 mph. So we jumped in! Probably not the best idea doing this ride it being the first day of intensity for the season but I did well. I screwed up and accidently broke up with the group that does the shorter version but we were still hammering through the ride. I hung in the whole ride and during the last climb made it to the break away and finished 4th with the lead group! The ride back was long and it hurt but it was fun to ride with a group of guys again. All in all I rode 4:14 and logged 76 miles! Not a bad days of work figuring that the avg. speed for the entire ride was 17.9mph.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Yesterday I did two laps up the Baldy Mt. Loop. Here are some photos.



Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

New years eve I went for a nice 2 and a half hour ride. I did some power work up the mountain doing most of the climb in my 19. My legs felt great and I maintained a nice tempo all the way up the 8.1 mile climb. I decided to hammer the last 4 minutes or so and ended up completing the climb in 47:53. A pretty nice time for not really trying to go fast. I could have ridden all day but needed to save some energy for the long nights work that lay ahead of me.

I had to work all day today so it was a scheduled day off. I am planning on getting up early tomorrow and knocking out a couple of hours before I have to be at work at 10 am.

Hope you all had a great new years!

I realize that no body probably reads this but I will start bringing my camera on rides to snap a few photos so at least I can look back on these posts and reminisce!


ps been thinking about getting a new frameset!!