Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So today my friends and training partners (Brian a teammate and Eddie) planned to do a Time Trial around Bonelli Park. Its a 7 mile rolling hills course with a few short climbs spread out evenly throughout the course. Well of course as I was getting ready to roll out I noticed that my HR monitor wasn't working so I messed with it a little to no avail. So finally I decided to say F' it ill do it without HR which is cool it just sucks to not have the data after it's all said and done.

A little background information about this TT "series" that we do. We basically use it to meassure our fitness throughout the season. We usually will do it about 4-5 times a season evenly spread out throughout the months. Today would be the first of the season. We provide 30 second gaps between riders and go in position of whoever has posted the fastest time the last time we time trialed. With that said here are the times posted from the final TT last season which was a record breaking day for all of us I believe.

Wes- 18:07
Brian- 18:09 ?
Eddie- 18:15?
(not exactly sure of there times but they were close to what has been posted. We are all relativly close).
(side note Eddie did post a 18:01 on his own one day but this was without the group so we don't figure it in the starting postion).

Ok so to the TT. Since Brian hasn't been training he volunteered to be the rabbit and go first. And instead of the normal 30 second gap we provided him with a 1:30 to give Eddie and I something to shoot for. So Brian took off, than Eddie 1:30 later than I 30 seconds later. I felt good down the first stretch of road and was already starting to close the gap on Eddie my 30 sec. man, but about 5 minutes into the TT I was approaching the first of 3 short climbs so I shifted into my small ring to recovery before I hit it and made a bad shift and dropped my chain!! What a dork I am, a rookie mistake. So I slowed down and finally stopped jumped off and put my chain back on. I hoped back on and decided I would still give it my all. The rest of the TT I burried myslef trying to forget about the mishap. I ended up crossing the line with a 19:19 which was one second ahead of Eddie's 19:20 and a little under a minute of Brian's 20:55?. So if I hadn't dropped the chain I know I would have been sub 19:00 which was my goal, so overall I am pleased with my ride. Moreso I impressed myself with the ability to still give it my all and endure all of that pain and hell knowing that my time was not going to be that impressive. That is bike racing to me, extrapulating the small battles in big races and enduring the worst to strive for the best!

On another note on the the cool down lap I hit 33 mph on a sprint we all contested which felt really good, and lead out the last sprint of the day holding about 31.5 mph for 1 k. when Eddie come around me. Luckily I had enough to grab back on to his wheel and out sprint him in the last 10 meters to win the sprint! A great day on the bike!! Riding with this group is just as fun and rewarding sometimes as racing. They are both great guys and great competitors. I am glad they are on my side during the races!!!

Ride Safe!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Look Left!!

Saturday I rode out with the Coffee Bean Group to meet Montrose. When we hit Irwindale we hit the rain. So instead of killing ourselves in the already dangerous ride the collective decided to turn back. When we were back into our home town I whispered to my friend Eddie that I wanted the Pomona City Limits sprint. So he said he would gladly lead me out as best as he could. With about a kilimoter left we just happen to be pulling the group, not an exact ideal location to win a sprint in a group of about 17 guys almost all of which are cat 3's and 2's! So Eddie started getting antsy and without knowing it picked up the pace which was at a easy cruise to about 21 mph. I looked at him thinking "not yet dude". So we fell back in, but I think we triggered some suspussion from the guys that were on our wheel. So with about 500 meters left I told Eddie to "hit it!!" So he took off and he set a great lead out pace that created a nice gap. I was on his wheel chilling just waiting to explode off of him and sprint. All of a sudden Elliot (a really fast cat 3) bridges the gap and sails around us. So I jump off of Eddie and seek Elliot trying desperatley to get his wheel. I fought tooth and nail and grabbed it with 100 meters to go. I sat just to his left overlapping him just a bit. I noticed he kept looking to his right, looking to his right and then slowed down just a bit. I than realized he didn't see me!! So I jumped as hard as I could and as I passed him I heard him say "What the... ARGHHH" and I had enough time to sit up across the line!!

So let this be a lesson not always the fastest wins. As we all know cycling is such a complex sport. To win sometimes all the stars need to be aligned and others you simply need to look left!! LOL!!

This week is my well deserved recovery week!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back on it

So I'm back on the bike and with vengeance!! I busted out a 45 minute spinerval training session last Saturday night at 9 pm after a 10 hour day of work, I know I know what a loser. Well I rode hard! How do I know I rode hard you ask? I spend 15 minutes after the session trying NOT to throw up, luckily I was successful.

In other news I rode with the group I will now refer to as The Coffee Bean Group (due to the location we meet at 3 days a week) on Sunday and today. Sunday I felt great, I climbed well and rode tempo well. Today on the other hand was horrible. I did not get much sleep at all last night and have been working my ass off (at least those are the excuses I have decided to use) so my legs were tired from the get go. I was last up every climb and even got dropped form the single file pace line (which was screaming fast at least). I'm not too worried just a bad day on the bike. It happens.

Anyways... up and coming training will include one more set of intervals this week and one more group ride, with a active recovery day thrown in the middle. I was contemplating racing on Sunday just as a training session but probably won't.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Every pre-season it seems that a series of somethings take place exactly at the wrong time that attempts to totally upset my training. Well here we are. Friday morning while at work a co-worker was sick and of course instead of covering his shift he comes to work to bitch and moan about how he was not feeling good. Anyhow instead of having someone else come in to work for him he asked if I was able to cut my break short and come in early so he could leave (I am a sucker I know). So the 2 hour ride I had planned on my break turned into a 45 minute spin session on my trainer. Saturday morning I had planned a 4 hour ride with my team. While getting ready I noticed so really bad plumbing issues occuring in my bathroom that needed immediate attention. So my 4 hour ride with teammates turned into an hour spin due to the time the plumbing insedent took. Now my whole week turned into a weird first week of build 1. At least I got some hill intervals in on Monday and a really LT raising day with the Coffee Bean Crew on Weds.

Oh and if this week wasn't enough next week I am working in L.A. for a good friend of mine on top of working at the restaurant. I new this was coming so not a surprise but definatly a training stunter. I am just hoping to get in at leat an 1 to 1.5 hours in every other day on the bike. A recovery week in the middle of a period? OK I guess. The following week Build 1 will resume and I will have 4 weeks until my first race. Of course the first 4-5 races will simply be training races preping me for SDSR, but it doesn't mean I don't want to do well in them. I do however plan on working a lot in these races to build fitness. Anyhow I'm going to try and squeeze in a nice long ride tomorrow to make up for some the hours that will be lost this week.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Build is officially here!!

Today was a group ride which consisted of 7 riders one being a pro from Rock Racing the others being: a cat 2, a cat 3 on the verge of becoming a 2, a semi pro mt biker, and a 35+er, some other fast guy, and little o'l me. We road through Carbon Canyon which consists of rollers along with some longer steep climbs which last anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes to ascend.

Ill be doing this ride every Wednesday with them as well as riding with them pretty regularly on Sat and or Sundays. I'm glad I hooked up with these guys. I've always wanted to train with faster riders to push me. My LT has already been lifted after 2 rides with this group!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bearded + Build

So I am bearded now! Promised myself I am going to keep at least until Boulevard!

Today was my first day of Build 1. So I went up GMR and did some 3 minute intervals in my zone 4. It is great to be through with base and add some intensity but I will continue to log a lot of miles and ease into the hard efforts.

I am getting really excited for the season to come!!


I know it was a while ago but I finally am taking a minute to write about my Saturday ride. I went out with a group that left Claremont heading for Irwindale to pick up the Montrose ride there. It was a little over an hour out to pick up the ride. We were sitting at the side of the road waiting for the ride to come and all of a sudden a sea of colors comes ino view which is about 150 to 200 riders doing about 30 mph. So we jumped in! Probably not the best idea doing this ride it being the first day of intensity for the season but I did well. I screwed up and accidently broke up with the group that does the shorter version but we were still hammering through the ride. I hung in the whole ride and during the last climb made it to the break away and finished 4th with the lead group! The ride back was long and it hurt but it was fun to ride with a group of guys again. All in all I rode 4:14 and logged 76 miles! Not a bad days of work figuring that the avg. speed for the entire ride was 17.9mph.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Yesterday I did two laps up the Baldy Mt. Loop. Here are some photos.



Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

New years eve I went for a nice 2 and a half hour ride. I did some power work up the mountain doing most of the climb in my 19. My legs felt great and I maintained a nice tempo all the way up the 8.1 mile climb. I decided to hammer the last 4 minutes or so and ended up completing the climb in 47:53. A pretty nice time for not really trying to go fast. I could have ridden all day but needed to save some energy for the long nights work that lay ahead of me.

I had to work all day today so it was a scheduled day off. I am planning on getting up early tomorrow and knocking out a couple of hours before I have to be at work at 10 am.

Hope you all had a great new years!

I realize that no body probably reads this but I will start bringing my camera on rides to snap a few photos so at least I can look back on these posts and reminisce!


ps been thinking about getting a new frameset!!