Monday, February 23, 2009

Ontario race reports

As my third weekend of racing has come and gone I realize that I am really starting to come into form. I have been advancing about 10 positions every weekend therefore, if I stay on schedule I will surely be mounting the podium in about a week and a half! With that said here is the rub on the two races I did at old Ontarible on Sunday the 22.

The gist… 30+ 4/5

-Pulled the first lap, third lap, and a whole bunch of other laps.
-Answered every attack and stayed in top 5 the whole race.
-Sat 3rd wheel leading into the last turn.
-Some asshole sitting second wheel not only blocked for his teammate but swerved over 3 lines
to keep me from going!! What the f??
- Finished 11th.

The 4/5’s
-Same plan of action stay upfront
-Legs felt great
-Did a lot of work
-Decided to try to sit back a little in the last lap
-Got swarmed
-Sit back never again (what was I thinking?)
-Finished in the 20’s I'm guessing, results yet to post.

p.s. For you doubters of how hard I work!! I believe I need to change my set up a smidgen!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Love Part

Top 5 reasons to stay single...

1. To get Faster on the Bike!
2. To get Faster on the Bike!
3. To get Faster on the Bike!
4. To get Faster on the Bike!
5. To get Faster on the Bike!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Roger Millikan Crit RR

RogeI intended Roger Millikan Crit to be another Class C training race. One which I would put my nose into the wind and do a lot of work in the race in order to build better fitness for later races. I showed up to the race having done some nasty interval session on Friday (on the trainer mind you) and a 3-hour ride the day before so I can’t say I tapered for this race. I lined up at the front and when the gun went off no one wanted to pull so I took us the first lap and drilled a nice high 20’s pace. This worked out well because it woke my legs up and put me in good position from the start. The rest of the race I worked to stay in the top 10 mainly in the top 5. There were a lot of attacks and I would respond to all of them and help pull the peloton up to them and therefore keeping me in the top 5 or so riders. On one lap about half way through the pace really slowed at the start/finish line so I went up front to drill it and only one guy came with me and we created a 50-meter gap so we went for it. I knew a 2 man break wouldn’t stick but what the heck it’s a training race. We only stayed out for about a lap and a half and when the peloton caught us I was scared didn’t have enough and that the train would just go rolling by me. I mustered up the strength stood and sunk back in to the draft where I recovered for a lap.
I made my way back up to the front and helped dictate some pace and answer any attacks. With one to go I got swarmed in the back stretch and was forced to make a big effort to get back up to the front 10, got swarmed again just before the second to last turn leading to the uphill and was forced to take it really wide. So I gassed it and went flying around a number of riders and just leading into the final turn some dude barrels around me and cuts me off forcing me to touch my breaks, this is when I see myself loose ten positions! Made the turn and sprinted with all I had finishing in 18th.
Overall it was a great race. It was fast and pretty safe only one wipe out and it was one solo rider who took a turn too wide, didn’t even take anyone out with him (that’s how wide he took it lol). As for me I felt great. My head was in the race. I was focused and dedicated. I made good decisions and put in a good days work. Of course I wish I was standing on the podium after the race but that wasn’t the primary goal of this one. That time will come. In my last Race Report I promised no finish out of top twenty. There you go. Soon there will be no finish out of top 15. Ontario is next week (home courts advantage for me). Again looking to find form for SDSR I will be racing two races at Ontario: 30+4/5 and the 4/5. Hope to see you out there.

PS Congrats to Steffan who raced a hell of a race at Roger Millikan. His field was completely shattered due to a really fast race. Steffan hung in there and finished with the lead group! Good job man, I look forward to racing with you at Ontario!

Monday, February 9, 2009

BLVD./ Red Trolley

The hour long drive to BLVD. from San Diego was forecasting a rough day of racing. With a unyielding downpour the entire drive I knew I was in for a long day. I got to the race with plenty of time to warm up and my spirits grew as the sun peaked out for a few moments and the rain actually stopped for a few. To make a long story short, the roads were filled with puddles and the rain returned and I found myself during the entire first half of the first lap to be out of position. Sitting in the back of the pack. Really I just didn’t have the guts to be up front for the 37 mph descents in the rain. Thoughts of not so much my safety but not being able to race the first part of the season due to a crash in a race which I knew I couldn’t win (I’m not a very good climber what can I say) were rushing through my head. Anyways I got caught behind a few flats due to a cattle crossing that are right before the beginning of the 10 mile climb. I got disconnected and fought to get back on which I did. The pace was lifted shortly after leaving me to fall off the back. I passed a group of riders and maintained my tempo making sure not to blow up since I still had 30 miles to go. I picked up one rider who would become my buddy and we really dug deep and set a nice tempo. By the time we finished the climb on the first lap it was now hailing which towards the last 45 min. of the race became snow. We basically time trialed the whole race until the last 6 miles of the last lap where we picked up a group of 5 other riders. We all decided to ride together and not attack each other. And all rode to the finish with numb fingers, toes, faces, and egos. I don’t know if I have ever been that cold in my life. All said and done I finished 53 of however many started of the sold out 100 rider race.

Red Trolley
I was excited to race on dry pavement the next day. I lined up with the game plan to stay in the top 10 throughout the race and to join any break with 4 or more riders in it. About 15 min. into the race a break of 5 went so I jumped and bridged the gap. It was at this moment I could feel the efforts of the day before on my legs. I burnt one match and it was early in the race. The peloton was responsive and caught us about a lap later. For those that have raced this course all know the wall of a hill just before the Start/Finish line. This hill was taking its toll on me every lap as I seemed to be picking the wrong person to follow up the climb leaving me to have to closing the gap every lap. I stayed in the top 10 though and fought off the pain in my legs. With three to go I again got F’d by some dude who pooped out on top of the climb so I went into the gutter to go around him as I looked at him when I passed him I watched him racked with fatigue try to pull out of the peloton without looking and therefore taking out 4 or so riders to his left and 10 or so more behind them! So the front group yells “GAS IT”. Hey you got to take advantage of these situations, if you try and ride in the back to avoid work and you get caught in or behind a crash the front is simply not going to wait for you. So we drill it separating the field leaving about 40 of us to battle it out. With one to go I got shuffled back to about 20th, on the last straight before turn 3 the downhill leading to the climb I knew I had to get to the front so I jumped out of the group and nudged my way into about 7th position. At this point I was thinking I am exactly where I want to be. So down the hill we went doing about 38 mph into the sweeping right into the wall! I stood up and gave everything I only to feel as though I was standing still. My legs were fried! I watched rider after rider pass me. I was going backwards! So I soft pedaled the last 100 m of flat straight away finishing in 28th. Once I knew I wasn’t top 20 I just cruised it in knowing a gap had formed in out little group of 40 leaving the other 10 or so still on the climb.

Well there you have it the first of many race reports of the season. I’ll tell you this it is the last that will be out of the top 20 at least. These were hard races in tough weather. These were my first races of the season. These races have only motivated me to eat even better, train even harder, race even smarter, and dig even deeper, all of which will help me come into absolute monstrous form. Thanks for reading. Next race is Sunday Roger Millikan in Brea. Forecast is for rain so keep your fingers crossed. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here we go!!!

Finally, my first two races are coming up this weekend. Boulevard and Red Trolley which are both down South in the San Diego area. I am looking forward to not only racing but taking the weekend off of work and spending some time away from home for a couple of nights. Although lets face it hardly what you could call a vacation. No drinking (OK OK maybe 1 beer) and getting to bed at a descent hour is far from a party weekend but hey that's why I am a machine, and that is why I am able to ride at the front and finish in the front. It's not due to any natural talent bestowed upon me but rather the strict work ethic I put into my training.

A side note, I hit my race goal weight of 153 this week! I still plan on loosing a few more pounds during the next month but if not I will defiantly decrease my body fat percentage (which is high at 9.1%) as I build a little more muscle during my Build 2 phase of training. Overall I am feeling great, lean and mean. I am going to try my hardest at BLVD. even thought RR is not my forte and the forecast calls for rain, and as far as Red Trolley I plan on winning it! So there is in print.

Alright off to the grocery store to go get food for the weekend! Ill update you on my return. Oh I'll try and post you my Dave Zabriske tribute stash later today. HAHA