Friday, May 29, 2009


Totally unrelated to cycling, tomorrow I am going to go do some construction work on my new home. I am moving to Long Beach with my long time best friend and teammate John. I new I could squeeze cycling in there somehow. We are going to get crazy fast living together!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check it out!

I just finished updating my race resume for my entire cycling career. Its been a blast remembering back to each and every race I did. Thought I might as well post it. There are a few wholes in the 2006 and 2007 seasons as a Cat 5 due to some CBR results I could not find. I know I had a few if not 3 top 10's. Other than that all the Ontario's were 4/5's. Oh and check out the stellar 3 days at San Diego Omnium. I should downgrade back to a 5 HA HA!

2006 Season
Category 5

DNF Ontario Airport Criterium
5 Costa Mesa Criterium
9 San Fernando Criterium
15 Ontario 4

2007 Season
Category 5
5 Roger Millikan Saturday
19 Dare to Race Ontario 1
31 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 1
23 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 2
6 San Dimas Stage Race Stage 3
25 San Dimas Stage Race GC
4 Redlands Criterium (NRC)
9 San Diego Omnium TT
6 San Diego Omnium RR
5 San Diego Omnium Crit
6 San Diego Omnium GC

2007 Season (Upgraded to Cat 4)
Category 4
Place Event

35 San Luis Rey RR
2 Ontario 3
15 Barry Wolf Memorial GP

2008 Season
Category 4

Place Event
56 San Luis Rey RR
32 Barry Wolf Memorial GP
2 Ontario Airport Crit
27 San Fernando GP
6 Bicycle Johns GP
15 SCNCA Elite Crit Championships
15 Ontario 4

2009 Season
Category 4

Place Event
53 Boulevard Road Race
28 Red Trolley Classic
18 Roger Millikan Memorial
26 Ontario Dare to Race Criterium
11 Ontario Dare to Race (30+ 4/5)
28 Tour de Murrieta Stage 2
42 San Dimas SR Stage 1
60 San Dimas SR Stage 2
16 Long Beach Bicycle GP
29 Devils Punchbowl
2 Torrance Criterium
DNF Dana Point NRC (Crashed)
60 San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic

rebuilt revised

Well after Sunday's dissapointing race at Barry Wolfe I hereby proclaim that I am officially over-trained. Disreguard everything written in the last post instead of interval training it will be rest days from here on out until I return from China which will be mid June. I am hoping that will leave me enough time to rebuild in time for the last few big races of the season those being Manhattan Beach, and the State Championship crit in San Luis Obispo. Well see?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have noticed a slippage in both my approach to cycling and my actual training since the crash. I have been staying up late, drinking too much alcohol, eating like shit, and ignoring my core work. Although I am still riding strong (seeing that I smashed the buds ride last wed) I should be focusing on getting stronger, not staying stagnate. To some degree I think it is fitting seeing it is mid-season. Maybe this short hiatus of cycling being number 1 in my life has come at a perfect time. It was time to rest and stave off burnout. Two weeks from now I will be in China which leaves me with the concern of loosing fitness. So to counteract this I am going to devote these next 2 1/2 weeks to the bike so that I can carry as much fitness with me to the other side of the world so that upon my return I will be ready to crush the competition yet again. So with that said here are the ways I am going to do it...

1. Train with purpose (every ride will be planned out accordingly, oh yeah lots of intervals too!)
2. Rest (get to bed at a reasonable hour)
3. Diet (could stand to lose 3-5 pounds)
4. H20 (cut out the whiskey and beer)
5. Core (sit ups make me a powerful sprinter)

Barry Wolfe is on Sunday. Ill let you know how it goes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Crushed It!!

I did the Bud's ride on Wednesday night which for those who don't know is a speed ride that does three laps on a variation of the SDSR Road Race course. There are ALWAYS heavy hitters there who dominate this ride and drop any mother f'er who has fluffed their recent training by even 10 minutes. I finished with the pack which is a huge win in my book especially figuring I took at least one pull every lap ( hey I hang in the front and when its my turn to pull I sack up and do my work). I'm not suggesting in any way shape or form that this ride was easy for me to finish. There was one point I got dropped and dangled off the back and chased back on. There were other points of the ride that I wanted to cry because my legs hurt so bad, but I couldn't create a gap and make the 100 guys behind me close that gap. There were times when I had to push with everything I had to stay with the group for 100 more meteres knowing it would slow for a moment and I could recover (and by slow I mean the pace would come down to 30 mph). The best part of the ride though was when I was pulling and noticed Chris DeMarchi was on MY WHEEL. YEAH BOY!! I Got tons of street cred after that ride! Not like they didn't know who I was already though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Finally, today is my first chance to do the Bud's ride this season! I can't wait, instead of riding by all of my cycling colleagues on my way to work I will be joining them for my favorite group ride. "ride" ha I guess we should call it a group race. I'll let you know how it goes. The shoulder and back are still reminding me they are a bit injured but the 600mg pills of IB Profen calm the pain.