Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Finally I bought myself a new bike! Having recently moved I am saving a ton on rent and have finally bit the bullet and bought myself something. A new Velo Vie Vitesse 300 frameset. I was in search for a new bike and had been researching specs, reviews, and prices for a couple of weeks when I went to the Velo Vie website. When I lived in Portland and rode for Potland Velo Velo Vie was the team's bike sponsor. I remember hearing my teammates talking about how much they like their bikes and knowing these were some really fast cat 3s and 2s I was immediately interested. So two years later I looked up some reviews on the Vitesse 300 and liked what I was reading. I also like that it is a small bike manufacturer that seems to be up and coming. I read a review that called Velo Vie the new Cervelo because of their similar small company start up story. Anyhow I have never riden a full carbon bike but know I am going to love the power transfer and the pound plus I am saving in weight. I loved Eleanor (my Cervelo) she performed great for me for 3 full season, she will be missed, but now the time has come for her to take a rest from racing. My brother will be getting her in hopes to inspire him to start riding with me. Yesterday I tore down Eleanor and will start building the new bike up. She doesn't have a name yet but it will come to me soon enough. Ill post pictures of her soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ontario End of Year Race Report.

Here it is the last report of the season. I contested in two races at Ontario, the 30+ 4/5 and the regular 4/5. To be honest going into these races I wasn’t very confident. I have only raced one other race (Brentwood) in the past 3 months. My legs felt heavy at Brentwood and the following 2 weeks leading into Ontario. Therefore I had planned on doing these hometown races just to have closure for the season. Warming up for the 30+ 4/5 I realized my legs felt pretty good, a lot better than they had the past week for sure. So I decided I would ride my usual race which is to stay in the front 10. I did exactly that not seeing anything further back than the top 7. My heart rate was about 10 beats higher than normal which I equated to the 90+ degree weather and my lack of fitness so I figured I would just ride as hard as I could until I blew up. Beeing forced to chase down a few breaks and take a few turns at the front I was sure my aggressive style wouldn’t last. Before I new it I saw the lap cards begin to count down 3 to go. Knowing I wouldn’t have a sprint I new it was going to be 100% position if I wanted to post a decent finish. I got stuck pulling with 2 to go and than let a few riders go ahead and positioned myself 7 wheel or so going into the lap. I pretty much held that positon into the last turn. Than the pace really ramped up and I knew I didn’t have a sprint but gave it everything I had to hold as many positions as I could. I finished 12th. I was really pleased with this finish. With my fitness level not being what it normally is I was still able to hold the postion I wanted to the entire race and still finish relatively strong.

Stats: Avg. Speed 25.5

Avg. HR 184 (about 10 beats higher than other races)

Max Speed 37.4mph

Max HR 207 (WOW don’t know if I ever had it that high before!)

I had about 2 1/2 hours between races in which I rested in the shade, laying down in the bed of my truck while teammate John who was joining me for the the 4/5 race warmed up. Not sure how my legs would hold up I planned on working for John if he felt good and I felt good enough. John and I lined up at the front and at the whistle I went directly to the front, seeing out of the corner of the my eye I noticed John had just a slight delay in getting clipped into his pedals which didn’t allow him to get to the front with me. After TURN ONE of the FIRST LAP there was pretty big pile up of riders that went down which John unfortunately got caught behind! Confident that John would make his way up to the top ten or so I stayed at the front securing us a position. My legs felt pretty good but when I needed to jump to close a gap I felt them really sting. About 30 minutes into the 45 minute race I was forced to reel in a break of 7 that just went away. I was up front when they jumped and didn’t want a break that big getting away that late in the race. But after that I was sure I was done. After that move I decided to slide back through peloton and look for John and recover a bit. I never saw John and went to the very back of the group. With 3 to go I made a huge move on the big straight to the Start/Finish from DFL to the front of the peloton. Feeling a little fresher I decided to hold on to my position as best as I could. Sure enough leading into 1 to go there was a HUGE NASTY MESS of CARNAGE right in the middle of the peloton. It left only about 16 or 18 guys left the others being caught behind the crash. So we gassed it full board for about a mile. I was barley holding on and kept getting gaped out by the group having to stand and attack to regain the wheels. The final straight is So LONG luckily the group now down to about 15 or so slowed a bit to set up for a sprint. When it came time we all stood up and let it loose. I had a bad lane and my sprint got cut short by a cone in the road in front of the announcing booth. I finished across the line in 10th.

Stats: Avg Speed 23.5

Avg HR 181

Max Speed 37.6

Max HR 206

Note: I stopped my computer a bit late into the cool down lap so the average numbers are a little lower than the actual.

Unfortunately John didn’t finish the race but I know its not because he didn’t try. A bit of bad luck and hard labor fixing his new house wasn’t a good mix for Ontario that day.

Sorry so long…

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm Back! This time its for reals. I have crashed, burned out, and traveled to the other side of the world and back. I have been training relativiley hard for a month now and am just starting to gain back my fitness. I have lost most of the weight I put on during my heitus. I am back on track with my sleep schedule going to bed early and waking up early to train. But most importantly I am excited to ride my bike again! I need to buckle down just a bit more to finish the season strong but am ready. No more drinking beer at all! No more eating late at night at all! Planned rides with purpose!! Things of that nature. I am pre-reged for the last 4 races of season and doing two at Ontario and will probably do the last CBR totalling 6 more races and than the season will officially be over.

Side note: just finished Montrose ride today and rode well. I accelerated out of the pack hitting 31 miles an hour for a while to bridged a gap to a tadem and 3 other riders that formed a break and hung with them for a mile or so until we hit a red light and field was back all together. Overall a good ride. Went up the kitchen climb in the front as well. Going on a Mt. Bike ride tomorrow! that should be fun. I am promising myself I will post more often. I have been logging my rides in Gmail calander though.