Saturday, November 14, 2009


Its been awhile since I have been pumped up on the whole vegan thing. There are always seems to be sections in my life when veganism becomes this monotonous thing and I just eat. But now is the time of year when I always get excited about my diet. VEGAN THANKSGIVING is upon us. This is the time to celebrate our choice and commitment to not consuming any animal products for whatever the reason be. There is so much more to write but I just don't seem to have a knack for it right now so I will leave it for when Vegan Thanks gets closer (2 weeks from today). Oh and its totally awesome that I went on a ride with my new teammate Mike and his friend Jordan who are both vegan!! Vegan cyclists taking over the roads!! YEAH YEAH!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So since I have been riding for the past 2 weeks I notice I have been spending less "free" time (not on the bike) outdoors. I will attempt to bunk this trend and return to the great outdoors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and hopefully spark up the chimenea a few more times before it gets too cold to hang outside in the later nights.

Other than that the team is gelling really well. We have a lot of new mates and we seem to be all of the same calibur of riders and we have both climbers and sprinters. Everyone seems willing and able to work for the best riders of the day! It should be a great season and I am really looking forward to it. Therefore, if you race in Category 4 here in SoCal WATCH OUT BECHER + WILL BE GUNNING FOR YOU!!

That is all for now!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Base 1 Week 1

So the first week of base is in the books!! It feels good to have the beginning begin. Did one long 4 hour day which consisted of mainly climbing that was really tough but awesome. Other than that a 3 hour ride and a bunch of 2.5 hour rides. Got in 14.5 hours this week and a 250 miles. The bike is running great which is a relief after all the shit that went on during the build process. But she is good, better than good she is great and looking hot after her bath yesterday may I add.

Here is the thing... Once I begin to ride it takes so much time and so much energy that I tend to loose a part of myself. The part that I am during off season. Its imparative this doesn't happen this season. Of course I will write less and probably even think less about different aspects of life but as long as I can devout some time and energy to things other than heart rate, base miles, hours logged and all that shit, than I will be fine. And I will, and I will.