Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The rub on the hub

Just overhauled my rear hub and Lucy is once again silent! Thank God, there are few things worse than listening to a creak the whole fucking time you are pedaling your ass up GMR. Especially when it only occurs in the gears that you need to get up that bitch.

Another short note: I scheduled today as an off day and the sun was out and it was actually pretty warm. Looked up the weather for tomorrow fucking cloudy and dreary. Oh boy, and I have a 4.5 hour ride planned. What a F'n surprise! SHIT.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

yes another disaster!

So almost home from a 2+ hour ride going up a short steep climb when all of a sudden CLUNK dropped chain I think?... Than the wheel locks up and I jump off my bike before falling over to see my rear derailleur up in my spokes looking like it just exploded. So $330 later and awaiting a new derailleur hanger from Velo Vie since I bent mine, I am left frustrated yet again. Luckily I am on my rest week and the three days I have been off the bike were probably good for me. I was able to bend the hanger back enough for it to work for now and replaced the derailluer and got it all tuned up today. But to be honest I just don't train after 11 a.m. My motivation is gone by then and I am too busy awaiting going to work in a few hours. Tomorrow I will go out for a 2 hour spin or so and await next week which will be the beggining of the dreaded Base 3 where the hours are super long and the weather usually super cold. Until then.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Legs want to go!

I have to admit I couldn't plan a better time to get sick. After a 75 miles ride last Wednesday I started to feel really tired which I assumed was the miles talking. The next day I mounted my bike for a 3 hour ride and stopped at 2 because I felt so weak and a bit spacey in the head. I decided it was time to rest. The next day the soar throat came along with some aches and pain. Along with the illness came the rain, which made me so happy because my mind was put at ease. Even if I wanted to ride I wouldn't have in the rain (it is SoCal after all therefore I don't really ride in the rain anymore). I am feeling a little better today but am going to stay off the bike. I am entering my rest week next week which again is awesome since it will allow me to continue to rest this week and go into base 3 in good health and mind.

With that said it has been the best base season I have had in years. The consistency of my training along with the great company of my new teammates/friends have made the miles pass fast with laughs and talks of plans for the upcoming season. It seems to be my mantra as of late but here it is again in case you have missed it: "Its going to be a great race season".

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Rest day! I have been excellent in carrying out the activities of the day which were to sit around with my legs up and do nothing. Next on the days to do list:

1. Lunch
2. Nap
3. Work
4. Kick it
5. Bed Time

I think I can handle it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


So if you haven't noticed it has been awhile since I have posted. The reason being plain and simple the bike... I have been logging a lot of miles and hours to boot. It has been a great base period that has been spent more rides than not in good company. I feel excited every morning to ride which is exactly the type of motivation it takes knowing there is more than likely a 3 hour ride ahead of you an quit possibly even a fiver. One more week of Base Two and than I will graduate to the granddaddy last phase of base that being of course Base Three, where there will be a few centuries thrown in the mix and the hours will reach up deep into the 20's. Other than that things off the bike are good or at least I am too busy to tell if they are bad... I'll keep you posted.