Friday, October 22, 2010

Sporadic idle hands

Yeah yeah yeah I already know what you are going to say "I haven't been writing much". Well I would love to tell you "that's all going to change, and I promise to write everyday" but lets face the facts here, I won't.

Moving on.... the 2010 off season is coming to a close. It's been pretty chill to be honest, and has been characterized by not having a sip of beer or booze for a month due to friendly competition, lifting weights religiously, a few really fun Mt. bike rides, a new member in our family (hi Miles!), working a ton, a Cat 3 upgrade, tearing down Lucy, building up Ellenor, getting a new job, and just plain kicking it. Don't worry I have gotten my sleep and rest and have barely been riding my bike which leads to excitement about riding again.
I will start my base period Nov. 1, and will start it with vigor! I am lighter than I have been all race season which is a great start. I feel lean and in shape and am looking forward to being busy. Between my new job and doing base my free time will be little and I am excited about that. My enemy of late has been idle hands. I'll try and keep you posted but as I stated earlier I am making no promises.